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EasyApp SDK Collection descriptor

(version 2.4.3 and up)


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collection.xml is located in the collections directory (typically easyapp-col/) and stores information about the applications included in the package.

id the type id of the resource in H-Sphere, e.g. 20011. For H-Sphere packages, we use IDs starting with 20000, 20000 to 20010 are already taken. Third party developers must reserve IDs in http://www.psoft.net/my-hsphere/
name the name of the resource, e.g. easyapp
description will be used as resource description
version package version
group application category. The ID of the application is added to the custom template filename for each application, e.g. info-19.html, install-19.html etc.
lang language files bundled with the package
icon icons representing the package resource in different H-Sphere designs
menu where in the menu the link will show

Related Docs:   Using EasyApp SDK

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