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PayPal Configuration

version 2.3 RC3 and higher


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Before proceeding, make sure to read about Web Payment Systems Manager.



PayPal certificate is trusted by VeriSign Trust Network. Since the standard java cartcerts file doesn't include VeriSign Trust Network public certificate, H-Sphere returns 'Connect error, untrusted server cert chain' when trying to connect to the merchant gateway. The following are the solutions:
A. If you have got the default java cacerts file and you have never changed it, you can simply replace it with the cacerts file offered by psoft.
B. If you need to keep your cacerts file, you can fix this problem using the keytool feature available in the standard java installation: How do I update my cacerts file?


Setup Procedure

Once you have registered a PayPal business account, enable PayPal in your control panel:

  1. Select Merchant Gateways in the Settings menu.
  2. On the Merchant Configuration page, choose PayPal from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Edit button to activate it.
  4. Enter the required parameters in the PayPal form:

    • PayPal ID: the email you are registered in PayPal with.
    • Pass-Through Value: enter your "custom" variable e.g: "PayPalTest" to match payments with a customer or transaction ID for tracking and identification purposes. It will be passed through the PayPal system and returned to user in payment notification emails.
    • Logo Image URL: image 150 by 50 pixels in size, you would like to use as your logo. This is optional: if not entered, your customers will see your Company Name or email address in place of logo.
    • Enable/disable PayPal for new signups and existing accounts.
  5. Click Submit Query. PayPal now must show as active.

H-Sphere supports PayPal multicurrency transactions. Fees are charged in the currency which is set in the admin control panel. To charge users in two different currencies, you need to have two resellers.


Instant Payment Notification URL in PayPal

To transfer information about received payments from PayPal to H-Sphere, you need to activate Instant Payment Notifications. To do this, enter a notification or callback URL in your Business PayPal account. PayPal's IPN system works as follows:

  • Customer submits a payment form and PayPal sends notifications about payments made to your notification URL.
  • On receiving the payment notification, your server will send the confirmation, including the encrypted code, back to a secure PayPal URL.
  • PayPal will authenticate the transaction and send your server a "VERIFIED" or "INVALID" response.
  • If verified, the payment is regarded as successfully completed. If you receive an "INVALID" response, it should be treated as suspicious and investigated.

The notification URL can be entered in Profile Summary ->Selling Preferences -> Instant Payment Notification Preferences.
The example of callback URL is: http://cp.example.com:8080/psoft/servlet/psoft.hsphere.payment.PayPalServlet
The URL structure is: CP_PROTOCOL://CP_HOST:CP_PORT/psoft/servlet/psoft.hsphere.payment.PayPalServlet

CP_PROTOCOL: http or https
CP_HOST: domain name you host, e.g.: cp.example.com
CP_PORT: port of your CP, e.g.: 8080
Note: Make sure to enter your actual CP data.

More on PayPal notification URL (pdf)
Links to PayPal PDF documentation

Related Docs:   Web Payment Systems Manager

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