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(version 2.4 and higher)


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Starting with version 2.4, H-Sphere provides an interface to sign up as a Kanoodle.com Referral Partner. An account with Kanoodle.com will enable your company to issue FREE $5.00 Kanoodle.com Pay-Per-Click advertising accounts to your hosting clients. It's free money your clients can use to promote their websites on Kanoodle's search engine network simply for hosting their websites with you!

Kanoodle.com is one of the world's largest search engines feeding search results to Infospace, HotBar, MetaCrawler, WebCrawler, CNET Search, IxQuick, Galaxy and over 9,700 other search enabled websites. Kanoodle powers more than 750 Million searches per month through their network. Giving your clients maximum visibility for their websites, and a much greater return on their advertising investment.

The FREE $5.00 incentive from Kanoodle.com can be promoted as an instant signup bonus, or a value-added addition to your services. Kanoodle's Referral Partner program is an excellent way to help your clients drive 100% targeted traffic to their websites and increase their sales. As they drive more traffic to their sites with Kanoodle, they may need additional services and extra bandwidth. Resulting in more dollars in your company's pocket!

The Kanoodle signup process is completely seamless and automatic. All a client has to do is fill out a short form in their Control Panel and hit 'Submit'. They will instantly receive their free $5.00 account information from Kanoodle via email. The best part is that the client never leaves their Control Panel during the signup process with Kanoodle. No new windows will open redirecting them to another domain. Just a simple thank you message in the Control Panel telling them to check their email for additional details.

By signing up today your company will be paid a 20% commission on all initial deposits made by your referrals to Kanoodle.com. This can become a substantial revenue stream for your company and is an excellent additional revenue source that you may not have had otherwise. Pay-Per-Click Search is the fastest growing and most effective segment of on-line advertising. Enable your clients to do more, get more, and receive a greater value from their hosting account by setting up your Kanoodle.com Referral Partner account today!

To sign up as a Kanoodle.com Referral Partner from H-Sphere:

  1. Select Kanoodle from the 3rd Party Tools menu
  2. At the bottom of the page that appears, click Create a new trial Advertiser account with Kanoodle
  3. Enter your details and click Submit.
  4. Once your account is created, you will receive a confirmation email from Kanoodle.com

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