Support Policy

  1. H-Sphere should work as advertised. If it doesn't, then it is support issue, and support will address it.

  2. If you don't like how something works, this is not a support issue. We might take on the project to change it to accommodate your need - yet we will charge you. We might also reject the project, or we can release it as part of the next version.

  3. Positive Software provides 24/7 support, including holidays. Expect your issue to be addressed in 12 hours. If it is emergency, we will try to respond ASAP.

  4. We classify as emergency anything that has to do with the server being down. Mail server and web server down are the highest levels of emergencies. If you mark subjects of your emails as "emergency" to something that is related to an individual account, it will be ignored. If you mark it too often - we are people, if we get used to it and remember it (not intentionally) - we can start treating any your ticket with subject line "emergency" - as a regular ticket. If applicable, put "server down" as the subject line - as we get "emergency" as a subject just once too often.

  5. Often we cannot immediately troubleshoot why your apache or DNS is going crazy. The only case when we will spend time right away on that is when you just did the upgrade. All other cases take too much time, there are just too many issues that might be causing this, and if you are not priority support - don't expect immediate attention. It might be spam attack, it might be someone abusing your system from the php script, or it might be a hacker on your server. We cannot troubleshoot it for you. We will try to look at it when we have time, but not right away.

  6. We continually try to improve our support process and improve our response times. Feel free to provide feedback if you have suggestions.

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