H-Sphere Mail Service

Disabling SpamAssassin Test Plugin

17 Jan 2006

hsphere-mail-service-3-14 came out with H-Sphere 2.4.3 Patch 9. It included SpamAssassin Test Plugin enabled by default which caused marking all mail as spam.

Today we have rebuilt the package and now SpamAssassin Test Plugin is disabled by default.

If you updated H-Sphere before Jan 17 and if you need to disable this plugin, then download and install the SA-test-plugin-control.sh script on the Control Panel server under root:

wget http://www.psoft.net/shiv/HS/updates/SA-test-plugin-control.sh
sh ./SA-test-plugin-control.sh
This scipt installs and runs the spam_test.sh script on each box and disables SpamAssasin plugin in case it was switched on.

Note: To enable/disable SpamAssassin Test Plugin manually, log into a target box and execute:

/hsphere/local/config/mail/spamassassin/scripts/spam_test.sh [on | off] [enable | disable]

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