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H-Sphere jail shell provides chrooted shell enviroment with a set of widely used utils and file managers. It is implemented via hsphere-jail-X.X-X package where X.X-X is the latest available package version.


17 Oct 2008

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed the issue with hsphere-jail package hanging the installation/update on Linux boxes
  • Fixed bug when jailed envirounment failed to create on FreeBSD boxes


Under Private Testing for H-Sphere 3.1 Beta 1

Main Features

  • User's SSH access, if corresponding resource enabled for account, is done in the chrooted enviroment limited by the user home directory.
  • Set of the widely used utilities (like cat, echo, ln, mkdir, ps, vi, grep, awk, etc..) with the corresponding list of required libraries.

More details in H-Sphere Jail Documentation.

Package inluded into H-Sphere 3.1 Beta 1

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