H-Sphere Linux/FreeBSD Packages Apache Shared Updates


Under Private Testing

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with HTTP Accept Filter FreeBSD kernel module not loaded during H-Sphere update.


17 Dec 08

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with a declared automatic php.ini config file customization.


17 Oct 2008

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Fixed log_config_module typo in httpd.conf file
  • Added missing php_admin related directives to lsrv.conf.tmpl (SSL section)
  • Fixed slave webs problem in Load Balancer
  • Fixed problem with httpd group not being created on FreeBSD 6.2, 6.3
  • Fixed internal error appearing when statistics in Urchin 5 was generated
  • Fixed incorrect permission on ~httpd/tmp in FreeBSD 6.3


29 Jul 2008


Improvements and Fixes:

  • New PHP extentions added:
    pdo - PHP Data Objects Interface
    pdo_sqlite - Driver that implements the PHP Data Objects (PDO) interface to enable access to SQLite 3 databases
  • Fixed bug with php.macro.prev file being overwritten
  • Sceletones updated
  • Fixed bug with log_config_module typo in the httpd.conf file
  • Fixed problem when php_error.log file permissions are wrong on FreeBSD
  • Fixed E-mail Utilities links on the default server page being in one line (problems with sceletons)
  • Added tool to process Gotroot rules: apache-load-gotrootrules.sh

Released with H-Sphere 3.1 Patch 1


19 Jun 2008


Improvements and Fixes:

  • Removed unnecessary spaces from ErrorDocument
  • Fixed the issue with php*.macro files getting larger and larger
  • Issue with apache_version 2 and apache_security2
  • Fixed bug with H-Sphere 3.1 apache-restart not using httpd.conf.tmpl.custom files

Released with H-Sphere 3.1.


Under Private Testing for H-Sphere 3.1


Improvements and Fixes:

  • Package combines startup files, configuration templates/scripts used in 2 supported branches of Apache server distribution (1.3.x and 2.2.x)
  • Set of configuration files used by mod_security 1.9 and 2.0:
  • Added static/dynamic forming of macros to provide symmetric syntaxes for Apaches 1.3.x/2.2.x and flexible PHP mode configuration at the VirtualHost level
  • Improved startup files and added set of scripts (env_prepare,gencrt, gotrootrules, hcf_prepare, index_page, lvh_prepare) related with apache restart to provide reliable switching over Apache server between different configuration modes
  • Added autogeneration SSL certificate procedure

Package inluded into H-Sphere 3.1 Beta 1

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