Patches & Updates H-Sphere XML API Security Patch

30 Mar 2006

H-Sphere versions:   2.4.3 and 2.5

This patch is recommended to clients using H-Sphere XML API.

This patch provides a solution to tighten SOAP access security and configure the range of IPs that will be able to access CP via SOAP. The patch will install and turn on the AxisAccessFilter class that will manage SOAP access to CP server from remote IPs. This filter will be included into the upcoming H-Sphere version.

To run this patch and turn the filter on:

  1. Log into your control panel server as root:
    su -
  2. Download the security patch:
  3. Unpack the archive and enter the directory where the script is:
    tar zxf axis-access-filter.tgz
    cd axis-access-filter
  4. Run the script:
  5. The script restarts H-Sphere. Please check if H-Sphere is up and running. If not, restart H-Sphere manually.

  6. Grant SOAP access from remote IPs if required and restart H-Sphere afterwards to apply changes.

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