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This page lists downloadable H-Sphere tools and packages compiled by Positive Software.


H-Sphere Packages

H-Sphere offers integrating custom plugins, or packages. With these packages, you may add new or override default H-Sphere functionality.



Package Version Date Comment How to...
Accounting Reports 1.0-18 12 Jul 2005 Seven additional reports, including Billing Statement History, Cash Receipts Report, and others. Documentation Install | Upgrade | Uninstall


Merchant Gateways

Starting with H-Sphere 2.4, new merchant gateways are integrated into H-Sphere by means of packages.

Package Version Date Comment
HSBC 0.1-47 09 Jan 2007 Installation and Configuration
Moneris 1.0-48 29 Jun 2007 Installation and Configuration
PosNet 0.1-65 23 Dec 2004 Installation and Configuration
SecurePay.com.au 1.0-20 12 Jan 2006 Installation and Configuration
PayJunction 0.1-23 11 Apr 2005 Installation and Configuration
Cardia Services 0.2-11 22 Feb 2006 Installation and Configuration
PayFlowPro 1.0-1 01 Oct 2008 Installation and Configuration


Web Payment Systems

Some Web Payment Systems are integrated into H-Sphere by means of packages.

Package Version Date Comment
Auhorize.Net 0.1-57 04 Jul 2007 Installation and Configuration
ChronoPay 0.1-24 18 Dec 2006 Installation and Configuration
Sentry 0.1-58 04 Jul 2007 Installation and Configuration


Domain Registrars

In H-Sphere 2.4 and up, new domain registrars are installed into H-Sphere with packages.

Package Version Date Comment
OnlineNIC 0.9-10 25 Apr 2007 Installation and Configuration
RRPproxy 0.1-12 06 Feb 2007 Installation and Configuration
Ascionic 0.1-7 06 Feb 2007 Installation and Configuration
TPPInternet 0.1-22 06 Sep 2007 Installation and Configuration



Add new Control Panel interface languages by simply installing language packages! You can translate H-Sphere language bundles and build your own language packages.

Language Package/Bundles Added H-Sphere Version Comment
Standard (English) Language Bundles English.zip 27 Aug 2007 3.0 Patch 4 Standard H-Sphere interface is English. The archive contains default language bundles for the specified H-Sphere version. You can also find these files in the ~cpanel/shiva/psoft/lang directory on CP server. Use them to build new language packages, or to update existing translations.
English_25.zip 27 Aug 2007 2.5.0 Patch 11
Chinese (Simplified) Chinese_EUC_CN-1.0-1.hsp 08 Apr 2005 2.4.3 beta 1 Language package integrating Chinese (EUC_CN encoding) spoken in Singapore into H-Sphere.
Portuguese (Portugal) Portuguese_PT-1.0-3.hsp 29 Aug 2005 2.4.3 Patch 3 Portuguese spoken in Portugal. Brazilian Portuguese is included into H-Sphere installation.
Swedish Swedish-1.0-2.hsp 16 Aug 2005 2.4.3 Patch 2 Language package integrating Swedish (Sweden) into H-Sphere.
Slovenian Slovenian-3.0-1.hsp 21 May 2007 3.0 Language package integrating Slovenian (Slovenia) into H-Sphere.

Package Installation | Package Upgrade | Package Uninstallation

Here, H-Sphere Version indicates the version for which a package was built and tested. However, these packages may be installed without problems on other H-Sphere versions starting with 2.4.

For your information:

  1. Language packages provided in this list are built from the bundles translated and contributed by our partners/customers.
    We are not responsible for the quality and the scope of these translations, neither for keeping them up to date.

  2. If you wish to share your own translations, please contact us and we'll add your translated bundles or packages to this download list after testing.


Miscellaneous Packages

Package Added/Modified H-Sphere Version Comment
19 Apr 2005
19 Apr 2005
2.4.2 Patch 3 and up
2.4 and up
Package integrates crash report interface to administrator's Control Panel, and provides extended information about H-Sphere *nix physical servers (Java/Tomcat/database versions, major packages installed). More...
Platform Changer
hostingPlatformChanger-0.7-2.hsp 29 Jul 2008 3.1 Patch 1 + Package integrates Platform Change possibility into administrator's Control Panel. More...
hostingPlatformChanger-0.7-1.hsp 22 Jun 2007 3.0 RC 4 and up Package integrates Platform Change possibility into administrator's Control Panel. More...
EasyApp Collection
21 Jun 2007 2.4.3 Patch 3 + EasyApp Collection is a 50MB package that includes over 30 popular PHP/MySQL applications. After you install it, users can set up these applications right from their user CP.
The package is built with EasyApp SDK.
27 Sep 2007 2.5 Patch 1 + This new easyapp branch allows admins to choose which of 30 popular PHP/MySQL applications can be later set up by users from their CP.
08 May 2008 3.0 RC 1 +
08 May 2008 3.1 Beta +

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H-Sphere 2.4.3 OS Packages Updater

Package H-Sphere Version Comment
H-Sphere Updater 2.4.3 Patch 11 Some third party packages are updated separately of the H-Sphere update script by means of package updater.


Sysadmin Tools

Name Download Comment
IP Migrator IPMIGR-0.9.1.tgz (HS 2.5+)
IPMIGR-0.7.tgz (HS before 2.5)
IP Migrator is a tool for IP migration in H-Sphere. Change Log


Developer Tools

Name H-Sphere Versions Download Comment
Domain Registrar SDK 2.4.0-2.4.3 registrar-sdk-1.2-12.zip H-Sphere Registrar SDK is a toolkit to integrate domain registrars as installable H-Sphere packages (.hsp).
2.5 and higher registrar-sdk-1.2-40.zip
Merchant Gateway SDK 2.4 and higher merchgateway-sdk-1.0-104.zip H-Sphere Merchant Gateway SDK is a development tool to integrate merchant gateways as installable H-Sphere packages (.hsp).
Web Payment SDK 2.5 and higher webpayment-sdk-1.0-29.zip H-Sphere Web Payment SDK is a development tool to integrate Web payment systems as installable H-Sphere packages (.hsp).
EasyApp SDK 3.0 + EasyAppSDK-2.5RC2-1.zip - *nix
EasyApp_MSI_SDK_251RC2_1.zip - Windows
EasyApp SDK is a standard development kit for easy integration of PHP/MySQL applications to H-Sphere.
2.5 Patch 1 + EasyAppSDK-2.5RC2-1.zip - *nix
EasyApp_MSI_SDK_250RC2_1.zip - Windows
2.4.3 + EasyAppSDK-2.4p11-1.zip - *nix
EasyApp_MSI_SDK_243p11_2 - Windows
H-Sphere XML API 2.4 and higher H-Sphere XML API is designed to manage H-Sphere services via SOAP protocol. It is based on Apache Axis implementation of SOAP and runs under Apache Tomcat engine.

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