H-Sphere VPS Versions

H-Sphere VPS 1.3-6.7

23 Aug 2005

VPS Version Date FreeVPS Kernel Build H-Sphere Version Packages Reference
1.3-6.7 23 Aug 2005 1114360337 2.3.1 and up

kernel-freevps-1.4 +
freevps-tools-1.3-17 +

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Release Notes

New Features:

  • Added possibility to migrate virtual server not only by VPS name, but by its virtual context number either.
  • Changed home directory mode of virtual servers into 755, so that it gives non-privileged users possibility to list / directory content inside VPS.
  • Implemented usage of RPM-GPG-KEY public key of installed into host rpm package for virtual servers package signature checking.


  • CP+ version 2.5.4-2 included into all supported operating system templates
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release 3 templates updated with Update 5 packages
  • CentOS templates updated with Release 3.5 (Final) packages
  • White Box Enterprise Linux release 3.0 templates updated with Liberation Respin 2 packages


  • Restored /etc/rc6.d/S*reboot scriplet, which was deleted in older H-Sphere VPS versions, to give virtual server inside reboot/down ability
  • Changed functions script full filename in VPS startup script, so that it is compatible with other Linux operating systems
  • Improved Linux release file determination in VPS startup script, so that it is compatible with other Linux operating systems
  • Set ONBOOT option of virtual server network interfaces configuration into yes for all new servers created
  • Removed GATEWAY parameter from virtual server network interface configuration. GATEWAY is configured only in common network configuration (file: /etc/sysconfig/network)

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