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Updating H-Sphere VPS To 1.3-4

17 Dec 2004

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This document contains general procedure of upgrading VPS host to the H-Sphere VPS 1.3-4 version.

  1. Log into your VPS host server and check what H-Sphere VPS version is currently installed:

    # rpm -q hsphere-vps

  2. Suspend all VPS before the server reboot:

    # cd /hsphere/shared/scripts
    # ./vps-suspend.pl -a

  3. Go through Step 2. Installation of the H-Sphere VPS installation procedure.
  4. Run the update script:

    # cd /hsphere/shared/scripts/
    # ./vps-update.pl

    and follow the script instructions.

  5. Configure your virtual servers by running the configuration script:

    # /hsphere/shared/scripts/vps-configure.pl

    With the further steps, you'll perform basic configuration of your virtual servers. See more on VPS host configuration.

  6. Resume suspended VPS:

    # cd /hsphere/shared/scripts
    # ./vps-resume.pl <vps_name>

    where <vps_name> is a suspended VPS server name.

    To resume all suspended VPS servers, run:

    # ./vps-resume.pl --all

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