H-Sphere VPS Versions

H-Sphere VPS 1.2-4

15 Jul 2004

VPS Version Date FreeVPS Kernel Build H-Sphere Version Packages Reference
1.2-4 15 Jul 2004 1089101812 2.3.1 and up

kernel-freevps-1.2-x +
freevps-tools-1.2-6 +

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Release Notes

Features and Fixes:

1) CP+ template is available for installation on any VPS server to provide advanced and easy-to-use Web interface for VPS management.

Note: You can obtain CP+ licenses for VPS at one half of regular license price per virtual server! So, if you purchase, for instance, 5 CP+ server licenses, you can use them for up to 10 VPS servers.

2) All OS templates updated to install the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 3 (Update 2), CentOS release 3.1 (Update 2), and the latest updated packages for Red Hat Linux release 7.3.
3) New proftpd, rh-postgresql-server, mysql-server packages included into VPS installation if they are absent in basic Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 3, CentOS release 3.1 and Red Hat Linux release 7.3 distributives;
4) Implemented creation of /etc/localtime to set the same time zone on virtual servers as on the host;
5) Changed the /sbin/klogd kernel logger tool location to /bin/true in order not to execute it on VPS start/stop. Kernel logging is not implemented on VPS.
6) Added more URLs for CentOS 3 and RedHat 7.3 updates;
7) Updated template instalation/removal procedure;
8) Implemented logical procedure for locking crons to avoid running multiple instances of the same cron.

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