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H-Sphere VPS 1.2-2 Installation

23 Apr 2004

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This document is the step-by-step instruction of adding a VPS hosting box into an H-Sphere cluster.

For more information on VPS, please contact vps@psoft.net.


Step 1. Preparation

See Preparing Server for H-Sphere VPS Installation in a separate document.

Important: H-Sphere VPS requires Perl installed on VPS host server:

  • Perl 5.6.1 for RedHat 7.3.
  • Perl 5.8.0 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 3, CentOS 3.x, White Box Enterprise Linux release 3.

If you need to install H-Sphere VPS packages on one of the mentioned platforms with other Perl versions, you need to rebuild H-Sphere VPS.


Step 2. Installation

  1. Go through standalone FreeVPS installation procedure

    Important: Instead of the latest available versions of kernel-freevps and freevps-tools download and install:

    • kernel-freevps-1.2-x
    • freevps-tools-1.2-1
  2. Download and install H-Sphere VPS package and other related packages to provide VPS management and integration with H-Sphere:

    • hsphere-vps-1.2-2
    • hsphere-script-runner-X
    • hsphere-sudo-X
    • other packages required by your VPS host's operating system

    where X is the latest available package version.

    Download locations for operating systems:

    Install the downloaded packages:

    # rpm -Uvh package-X.rpm

    - package is the name of the downloaded package;
    - X is the latest available package version, except for hsphere-vps-1.2-2.


Step 3. Configuration

To configure your virtual servers, run the configuration script on the VPS host server:

# /hsphere/shared/scripts/vps-configure.pl

With the further steps, you'll perform basic configuration of your virtual servers. See more on VPS host configuration.


Step 4. Adding Physical and Logical VPS Server to H-Sphere

To add and configure physical and logical VPS servers in H-Sphere:

  1. Generate SSH keys on your CP server and place them to VPS host server to provide SSH connection between VPS host and CP server;
  2. Follow the instructions in Admin Guide on adding and configuring physical and logical VPS servers in H-Sphere interface.
Common instructions on adding physical and logical servers in Control Panel are not applicable in this case!

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