H-Sphere VPS Versions

H-Sphere VPS 1.2-2

23 Apr 2004

VPS Version Date FreeVPS Kernel Build H-Sphere Version Packages Reference
1.2-2 23 Apr 2004 1081688192 2.3.1 and up

kernel-freevps-1.2-x +
freevps-tools-1.2-1 +

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Release Notes


1) Support for Linux CentOS release 3 provided.
More info is available on the FreeVPS site.

2) The up2date package fetching mechanism using Red Hat Network implemented for registered Enterprise Linux 3 users.

It is required that you are registered on Red Hat Network and the up2date utility is installed on your box.
For other suppored operation systems (Red Hat Linux release 7.3 and CentOS release 3.1), FTP package download links are provided. You can also set your own URLs to download packages from.

It is still possible to copy your Linux distribution packages to your new VPS box from distribution media. In this case it is not required to fetch packages, you sipmly specify package location on a VPS box while running VPS configuration script.

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