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Parallels H-Sphere 3.2

Parallels Integration

  • Virtuozzo 4.0 Support
    • Up-sell existing customers virtual private servers and dedicated servers
    • High density to minimize hardware and power costs
    • Mass management
    • VZ QoS parameters (memory, hdd, cpu,) as billable resources
    • Billing of traffic
    • Control of applications as billable resource: Applications can be sold to implement SaaS models
  • Parallels Sitebuilder Support
    • Additional site templates
    • New and exciting modules
    • Up-sell customers with different site plans
  • Parallels License Integration
    • New parallels license format for proper license handling
  • More Planned Features:
    • Domain Keys
    • eAccelerator integration
    • IonCube optimizers / Encoders integration
    • Zend integration

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