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H-Sphere 3.0 RC 4 Release Notes

08 Feb 2007


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Important: To the attention of H-Sphere 2.5.1 + owners, 3.0 RC 4 is based on 2.5.1 version branch and you are welcome to update.

Unix Improvements

New Features



  • Changed validation to prevent user from creating Virtual FTP directory with ssl.conf name
  • Added support for void transaction type for Protx merchant gateway
  • Accounts with third-level ISP domains can't be moved to another reseller
  • Fixed problem with changing display name for MS Exchange resource
  • Excluded redundant debug info from the hsphere.log
  • Fixed problem with the AccountID parameter included into the payment request
  • Added 20 minute timeout for moderated accounts that were blocked
  • Resolved bug with creating FTP Virtual directory
  • Added Qmail server restart for the case when rblhosts param is changed
  • Dedicated Server Bandwidth resource: fixed problem with incorrect bandwidth calculation
  • Fixed incorrect recurrent fee proration of Templated DS when billing period exceeds 1 month
  • Fixed incorrect sub-FTP account home directory permissions
  • Fixed problem with disappearing of EasyApp package upgrade link
  • Resolved problem related to incorrect processing log files for stopgap domains on dedicated IP
  • Included more reliable status check of the Apache graceful restart
  • Improved interception of the Apache level configuration errors in the include files with VirtualHost containers
  • Added possibility to get user quota from NFS server (shared storage) for FreeBSD OS clients
  • Improved quota display in User CP when quota on Linux OS is not set
  • Fixed moving MSExchange-based accounts between resellers
  • Fixed problem when downloading TT attachments from user interface failed
  • Removed setting users disk quotas on NFS partitions through SSH connection
  • Added restrictions to Initials character length
  • Fixed problem with closed TTs showing in bold accentuation in Search and Admin ticket view
  • Fixed problem with registrar licenses which are now stored as other registrar specific values
  • Fixed problem with signup info view for users moved under another reseller
  • Drop-down menu fixed and improved in XPressia and XPressia Lite skins
  • Solved problem with Change mailbox password page containing incorrect images and using old design by setting XPressia Lite design by default
  • Fixed Markup plan wizard to show Free amount of resources in the base plan
  • Improved CP Installer: if there's no NS servers, then system zone and system user creation is skipped
  • Fixed minor SiteStudio bugs
  • Fixed problem with displaying search by KnowledgeBase menu item for end-user interface
  • Corrected work with SpamAssassin MySQL DB: added support of 2 connection types: via socket and TCP/IP

Windows Fixes

  • Fixed issue with quick turning OFF/ON the SharePoint resource
  • Fixed bug which caused Metabase service to stop after creating/deleting osCommerce resource
  • Fixed bug in services ping method
  • Implemented patch to fix incorrect location path attribute in .Net machine.config files
  • Fixed bug with enabling ASP.NET in child virtual directory
  • Fixed bug with saving machine.config file locked for reading when ASP.NET is enabled/disabled
  • Fixed incorrect processing of domain related data in machine.config file when switching ASP.Net version on a domain
  • Fixed permission for Scripts/NET folder. Now Network and ASPNET accounts have correct permissions.
  • Fixed MSSQL update quota for non-standard language

Release Notes History

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