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H-Sphere 3.0 RC 2 Release Notes

28 Nov 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Important: To the attention of H-Sphere 2.5.1 + owners, 3.0 RC 2 is based on 2.5.1 version branch and you are welcome to update.

Unix Improvements

New Features and Improvements



  • Fixed problem with system producing incorrect invoices when resuming accounts
  • Fixed the problem with a newly created custom group that was available for use of reseller by default
  • Fixed the problem with signup in normal window
  • Resolved problem with incorrectly changing Traffic amount after CP restart
  • Set www. alias as default to generate Comodo SSL
  • Fixed bug with breaking Custom URL path after update
  • Corrected postinstall script to print user friendly information during post install section
  • Added code to avoid installation stop if wwwuser creation fails.
  • Fixed NTPNow merchant gateway
  • Fixed the problem with different network interfaces for slave server.
  • Fixed setting value for uninitialized qmail select param
  • extraFields field initialization has been moved into the ContactInfo.getExtraFields() static method to avoid possible initialization problems
  • Fixed the issue with MSSQL manager not disabling in plan editor
  • Country list updated
  • Fixed incorrect parameter accept/passed XML API
  • Fixed the problem with Miva when enabling merchant on a subdomains system tried to use the domain's Miva license
  • Added payment server select for WebMoney
  • Changed validateMailProcessing function
  • Rewritten the estimation for changeable resources. Modified promo discount calculation during resource change procedure. Also rewritten Promo classes. calculatePromotion was moved from Resource to Promo class
  • Fixed bug when mssql database was checked without prefix
  • Corrected error processing for mail resources report in case if autoresponder resource is corrupted
  • Fixed bug related to incorrectly calculation of Traffic on next Montly billing period
  • Fixed bug related to user sign up on ISP mail domain
  • Fixed unability to change plan in emulation mode
  • Java H-Sphere XML API has been updated
  • Fixed problem with adding DedicatedServer account to existing one
  • Test Classes were updated to a new scheme (hsphereXMLApi.jar)
  • Fixed problem with viewing database resources if they are disabled in plan
  • Problem sending correct email notification has been fixed
  • Corrected description of doublebouncehost and bouncehost qmail params
  • Fixes related to MS Exchange: fixed problem with proxy name validation, added possibility to select an smtp domain when an smtp proxy is added
  • Fixed mail relay creation for mail domain alias
  • Fixed the newest changes in taxes calculation. calculateTaxes moved from Account to HsphereToolbox, because of the errors in external signups.
  • Fixed MX record creation to a service zone in case of MyDNS usage
  • Fixed EasyApp package: corrected getApp() method to avoid the NullPointerException error after upgrading Easy App from the collection
  • Corrected error processing for getting mail relay list
  • Fixed the problem with account creation in demo plans
  • Fixed the problem with processing customer redirect from PayPal after the payment
  • Fixed validation of admin custom TXT DNS record
  • Fixed the problem with editing Extra Info when modifying moderated signup
  • Fixed HTTPD restart error when user's log directory is deleted
  • Fixes related to Coldfusion: default extension add/del fixed
  • Fixed the problem with VPS resources not showing on Compare Plans page
  • Solved the problem with deleted taxes that could be shown in user billing statements even if the tax amount is 0
  • Fixed design problem with internal header colors
  • Changed MSExchange password validation
  • Improved AccountCheck report for processing corrupted custom resources

Windows Improvements

New Features and Improvements


  • Removed catch block that blocks roll back of Windows SubUser creation.
  • Fixed problem with service accouns creation if any password policy restrictions were set
  • Fixed bug that prevented SharePoint resource from correct turn on if Sharepoint Services were installed after H-Sphere installation/upgrade
  • Fixed bug which led to H-Sphere update failing with EasyApp installed
  • Fixed problem with changing ASP.NET versions on virtual hosts created prior to upgrade to 2.5.1(3.0)
  • Fixed issue with UPDATE MSSQL DB quota settings if database file name is different from database name

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