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H-Sphere 3.0 RC 1 Release Notes

17 Oct 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Important: To the attention of H-Sphere 2.5.1 + owners, 3.0 RC 1 is based on 2.5.1 version branch and you are welcome to update.

Unix Improvements

New Features and Improvements



  • Added automatic creation of TT admin account in relation to new simplified reseller scheme
  • Fixed problem with converting localized amounts included into merchant gateways' payment redirect links
  • Added check on existing ~<userhome>/stats file. This file is moved into ~<userhome>/stats.bck.<pid> if the file exists
  • Fixed problem with payment links (if the web payment system is selected in the user billing profile) in Prepaid Invoice mass mail notification template
  • Fixed problem in the signupUser XML API method to prevent null point exception if otherParams is null.
  • Fixed problem related to user charge for domain renewal when the renewal period is set incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug causing an exception on the "View all domains in blacklist" page in the main admin CP after reseller deletion
  • Solved problem with logging out of reseller master admin accounts
  • Fixed problem with displaying records for deleted accounts in the Web Payments log
  • Fixed billing scheme to automatically increase the limits of Traffic and Summary Disk Usage resources to respective free amount values
  • Fixed enabling VPS limits in user plan after account creation
  • cron_rotate.pl fixed to create ~user/domain.com dir with correct permissions
  • Fixed getting domain info at REGISTRAR_FAILED_RENEWAL
  • Fixed account signup under plans with enabled "Register a standard domain" and "Domain" disabled
  • Fixed checkup of MSSQL login without prefix
  • Fixed the problem with report getting service domain mailobjects (includes ISP mail domain mailobjects)
  • Customers signing up for deleted or inaccessibles plan are now redirected to choose_plans page with corresponding error message.
  • menu.properties and messages.properties become deprecated, all labels are merged into a single hsphere_lang.properties
  • Resource's description moved to lang properties. Descriptions now returned according to locale settings
  • Fixed the problem with getting account type in the Utils.getAccount method
  • BSD 6.1 added to subpackagelists
  • Fixed error that arose when accounts were signed up by admin
  • Added check for correct zone and ip in postsingle mode
  • Added broken resource link to reports
  • Added additional check on plan validity at user creation
  • Added Stand-Alone DNS cache file creation/update mode under root user
  • Fixed Contact/billing info fixed to change registrar settings for transfer domains
  • License check fixed not to show disallowed pages for admin with invalid license
  • ISP mail domain mailobjects report fixed
  • Main SQL query corrected by adding the "unix_user" param (table) to the FROM clause when necessary.
  • Fixed setting CatchAll property for mailobject with uppercase letter in name
  • CP installer fixes:
    • fixed bug when pserver checkbox didn't unlock after error finish
    • fixed performance of update_packages page after user reloads this page once again
    • removed check on dns servers before installation
    • added possibility to update packages on pservers asynchronically
  • Fixed bug with switching PHP version from older (not bundled in package) PHP
  • Fixed problem with non-addon domains web content migration
  • Fix for deleting comodo ssl feature
  • Last processed logfile is fixed to be stored in list as <last_processed_file_name>.<time_stamp>
  • Fixed bug of installation wizard loosing system zone name after H-Sphere restart
  • Fixed bug related to installation of the package on deleted physical servers

Windows Improvements

New Features and Improvements


  • PHP 4.4.4 and 5.1.5


  • Fixed PHP update bug with breaking PHP mapping on the configured sites due to removing old PHP. Now during updating PHP, installer creates junction from old to the new location.
  • InstallUtilLib replacement fixes bug with conflicting assemblies with the same name in different MSI package varsions
  • SharePoint now can work with separate MSSQL server
  • Fixed quota manager bug on Windows2003 R2
  • SSL key installation bug fixed
  • Fixed mimetype deletion for IIS 5.0
  • Redirecting PHP sessions directory fixed to be compatible with PHP 5
  • Fixed bug with launching DSN's security patch before NewSecurity patch
  • Fixed bug with treating administrative accounts as H-Sphere FTP accounts in NewSecurity patch
  • Fixed bug with switching PHP version from older (not bundled in package) PHP
  • Fixed bug with creating anonymous FTP sites
  • MSExchange. problem setting smtp domain as a primary domain fixed
  • Fixed problem with placing Certificate Authority files on windows boxes.
  • osCommerce fixed to be managed correctly after upgrading to 2.5 from H-Sphere 2.4.x
  • Fixed the problem with absent entry for the public_folder resource in the type_name MS Exchange table

Release Notes History

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