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H-Sphere 3.0 Patch 8 Release Notes

08 Jan 2008


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  • Fixed sorting order of mailing list subscribers for lists with multiple pages. Default sorting order for mailing list subscribers set to 'email'
  • Load balanced server related parameters moved to the logical server options
  • Fixed problem with incorrect readings in DailyReport for accounts whose billing periods were changed recently
  • Removed incorrect duplicate of mail_quota.desc label
  • Set localized prices for reseller end users
  • Fixed problem with incorrect domain renewal in case the hosting provider uses Protx merchant gateway
  • Set the US decimal & group separators and decimal number pattern to fix the problem with balance shown in localized format
  • Fixed reseller charge description when end user increases quota
  • Fixed problem with wrong dedicated server bandwidth overusage descriptions in billing statements
  • Fixed charging clients for Comodo SSL renewed manually
  • Fixed mail reports' caching
  • Fixed creating subnets.xml for newly added virtual server
  • Fixed problem with line separator for uploading files edited in Windows editors
  • Fixed getting mail domain mailboxes' quotas if a mailbox contains NOQUOTA quota value
  • Included the EPP key into the extra parameter list for the 'org' tld and domain transfer operation
  • Solved problem with errors occurring when adding dedicated servers
  • Added redirect page to PayPal in signups to MySQL plans
  • Fixed parameters shown on the 'Physical Server Parameters' page
  • Fixed changing of the dedicated server 'Internal server ID' value
  • Fixed new_account_moderated.txt email template
  • Fixed mailing list trailer creation
  • Added a check for possible comments or another not properly formatted strings in the file with user info for cPanel migration
  • Fixed problem with receiving and parsing Comodo SSL certificate
  • Increased the users.username field length to 22 symbols for reseller's admin account username
  • Prevented using language settings from a previously billed account
  • Corrected the mail_domain init resource of mail_service resource for synchronization with Unix plan
  • Fixed problem with processing reseller refund with the '0' end-user fee
  • Fixed problem with caching and deleting DNS Records in the DNS Zone Instant Alias configuration
  • Solved problem with setting 'start date' for MRTG when adding dedicated servers
  • Hidden the 'disable e-mail confirmation' option in trouble tickets if the administrator enabled 'Don't send confirmation emails for received Trouble Tickets' in the Tech Support Settings
  • Fixed a bug with shared SSL resource not moved during content move
  • Fixed an IE java script error in Web options
  • Corrected displaying of CGI resource in Windows plan if AWStats is enabled
  • Corrected deleting dedicated application pools assigned to Document Root




  • Fixed the ASP.NET management scheme: management moved from machine.config
  • Fixed problem with rotating statistics files
  • Added tracking of invalid ASP.NET applications in shared pools
  • Fixed problem with virtual hosts inheriting FrontPage settings from an old virtual host with the same id
  • Fixed resuming virtual hosts
  • Fixed a bug in HsLogModule with transferring log files for suspended virtual hosts
  • Fixed issues with redirect and Web directories
  • Resolved the problems with management of shared SSL enabled sites after the switch to new Shared SSL scheme

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