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H-Sphere 3.0 Patch 1 Release Notes

24 Apr 2007


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  • Added support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.0 and CentOS 5.0 (both 32-bit and 64-bit systems)
  • Added ability to set TTL value for custom MX DNS record
  • Names for instant domain aliases are now built on the basis of domain id.
  • For security reasons, the license certificate key is not shown anymore on the License Info page.
  • Provided a possibility to add attachments to existing trouble tickets
  • Added skip-exclude wrapper command that skips pre-configured exclude package list during update.



  • Security fixes to avoid adding/editing/deleting network switches for the Dedicated Server facility in case the resellers is prohibited from selling their own dedicated servers.
  • Minor corrections in order not to show "Dedicated Server Templates" icon in reseller admin CP in case the resellers is prohibited from selling their own dedicated servers.
  • Updated priority/order of creation dedicated web application pool related resources.
  • Minor fixes related to Dedicated Servers
  • Change scheme of user authorization token generation. Now it is based on unique Control Panel key to avoid casual access to another CP by the same username/password.
  • Fixed a problem when admin is unable to deactivate an init resource in plan edit wizard if the mod section of the plan's xml file contains the resource description depended on a currently disabled resource
  • SSH Manager should be displayed in the menu only if reseller_su resource is available in the admin plan
  • Added qmail server restart upon changing the "periplimit" parameter
  • Security fixes to avoid resellers have access to some features using URL parameters (access beyond standard CP interface).
  • Redesigned the warning page for changing plan to highlight incompatible resources to be removed.
  • Removed expired badurls and urlscnt qmail options
  • Restricted the access to the admin_settings.html page for reseller
  • Fixed incorrect error status code processing in the HS update wrapper.
  • Fixed problem with sending empty domains list in the "failed renewal" email notification.
  • Added old-platform option which allows to update deprecated OS packages (according to H-Sphere Services EOL) to the latest possible package version (temporarily)
  • Mail ssl certificate removal substituted with making the certificate backup
  • Fixed problem getting Home Location (WinUserResource.physicalCreate method)
  • Added custom mail relay parametres error processing
  • Corrected initialization of qmail parametres
  • Fixed problem getting currentExpirationDate in the renew method



  • Fixed the problems with installing PHP MSI package on Windows with non-US localization
  • Added revision to the version tag in PHP MSI package (in MSI filename and the "version.txt" file)
  • Added handling of the error which arises when user tries to create different ASP.NET versions on a chosen Application Pool.
  • Fixed bug causing server aliases removal when shared SSL is being disabled.
  • Increased the size of SOAP responses.

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