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H-Sphere 3.0 Release Notes

28 Mar 2007


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Please read the complete list of major features included into H-Sphere 3.0 branch.

Unix Improvements




  • Enabled Moderate everything option for new resellers by default
  • Fixes related to web browser detection
  • Fixed problem with mailbox alias creation. Now it is created with attribute name as defined in users.dtd
  • Fixed problem with sorting of records in the ds_user_search report by account_id
  • Improved server management: now you can add only one logical server of one server group to a physical server. It doesn't affect logical servers of NS server group.
  • Added code to clean attachment from disk when ticket is deleted
  • Fixed the problem related to processing transactions with Kanoodle
  • Fixed TXT DNS record removal for myDNS name server
  • Solved problem with parsing of some important HTML tags (like input, body, form, etc.) having other nested freemarker tags
  • Added check of empty price during enabling of WebStat Protection
  • Fixed the constant used to calculate mail store usage
  • Fixed problem with incorrect symbols in German language bundle
  • Now reason label for suspend/resume mail won't show without a reason to
  • CP Installer: fixed problem when it was possible to add PgSQL server to server with more than one CP lservers
  • Removed extra rollback procedure during versionTag update
  • Added check on unique of CNAME DNS record
  • Fixed problem with incorrect reseller's user monetary sign in reseller billing entries
  • Fixed restoration of default A, MX, CNAME records for subdomains under subdomains
  • Changed resource deletion from cache
  • Added support of forwards based on /etc/aliases file for Ensim migration, disabled frontpage extensions for all migrations (RAQ, CPanel, Ensim), removed default H-Sphere start content from user home directory for CPanel migration
  • Removed service IP from available IPs for web servers
  • Changed account deletion from cache for Move user to another reseller feature
  • Added removal from cache for signup record for account moved under another reseller
  • Corrected error processing for custom CNAME record creation. Removed duplicated error message
  • Fixed problem with incorrect value of TT_USERTICKETS_MAX and KB_MAX_SUG
  • Solved problem with merging xml files when some of the attributes contain special symbols
  • Problem processing CAPTURE transaction has been fixed. (PayMeNow merchant gateway)
  • Changed permissions and group for ~cpanel/shiva/custom group to allow update from 2.4.3 directly to 3.0
  • Solved problem with transferring domains into Enom that requires EPP Key to be provided for EPP domains
  • Fixes in PhysicalCreator tool for IIS webdirectories and MS Sharepoint
  • Updated JDBC driver for PostgreSQL
  • Shared SSL: replaced ASP calls with Axis services to be used for windows boxes (IIS)
  • Fixed problem with logging into accounts in case of invalid license
  • Fixed the problem with calculating of DS Bandwidth usage
  • Fixed BillingEraser tools
  • Minor fixes in the management of Dedicated Server IP Pools
  • Removed ANTIDRUG Rules Du Jour rule
  • Increased length of dns_record.data field to 512 for installation
  • Fixed the problem when administrator could not view/write notes to end user account
  • Added permission check for removal of reseller CP alias, addition/removal of instant alias, removal of custom DNS record from a service DNS zone
  • Added permission check on using SpamAssassin Manager page
  • Fixed the problem related to reseller charge log report and webpayment log report
  • Added procedure of the box status identification caused by incorrect CP migration during HS update
  • Fixed procedure of the adding mail domain in the case of mail load ballancing scheme
  • Fixed group mode in the HS update wrapper to provide package update only to specified logical server groups
  • Fixed minor SiteStudio bugs:
    - site images not showing in SiteStudio Online Demo on H-Sphere boxes
    - page content on the Tom Sawyer design is duplicated
    - space appearing on the Gallery design between two portrait images

Windows Improvements



  • Added support for partial php version tags
  • Fixes related to ASP.NET: fixed bug with addition of empty attributes
  • SharePoint: fixed issue appearing during User deletion
  • Fixed bug with incorrect determination of Application Data directory on Windows non US localization

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