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H-Sphere 2.5.1 Beta 3 Release Notes

22 Aug 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Note: Release notes for H-Sphere 2.5.1 Beta 3 also include features and fixes for H-Sphere 2.5.1 Beta 2.

Unix Improvements

New Features



  • Fixed the problem with sending extra info to domain registrars
  • Fixed a billing problem that happens when a domain is renewed and the authorization request throws an exception
  • Resolved problem with incorrect start and end date in monthly resource change estimation
  • Fixed AWStats problem for 'stopgap' domain on dedicated IP
  • Fixed a DNS issue during domain transfer
  • Corrected the bug in reseller plan editor (wizard) templates with setting correct ComodoSSL prices
  • MSExchange domains will be displayed in the domain search report
  • Fixed problems with signing for Windows Real Server plans
  • Fixed XML Merger issue with merging large XML files
  • Removed SARE_FRAUD_PRE25X, SARE_BML_PRE25X, SARE_WHITELIST_PRE30, SARE_REDIRECT params for SpamAssassin 1.28 version
  • Fixed problem with not loading plan values for a resource type when resource type was removed from cache
  • Added XML API methods for removal of AntiSpam and AntiVirus resources
  • Fixed problem with displaying correct sums in the payment confirmation link
  • Fixed problem with prices not being set after the plan is copied
  • SpamAssassin parameter label 'Spamcheck minimal file size (Kb)' is renamed into 'Spamcheck maximum file size (Kb)'
  • Fixed problem with the DomainRegistrationRenewal cron when it stops processing renewals if the system is unable to load an account
  • Solved TT admin problem with showing tickets when there's no queues defined in the system
  • Added the "notify_url" parameter to PayPal. Now our clients won't need to set this parameter in the PayPal settings.

Windows Improvements

New Features

  • SOAP implementation of Webalizer
  • Added "3rparty" directory to assemblies path in order to locate 3rparty packages assemblies


  • HSphere.Net - IIS/PHP: altered method of defining installed PHP versions
  • Altered Urchin interoperability
  • Fixed problem with DB enumeration if MSSQL has many databases
  • Elements of ScriptMaps, ServerBindings and other property collections are removed now regardless of symbol case
  • Fixed problem with choosing default verson of PHP if it's not specified in the parameters (for instance, during signup)
  • Fixed problem with NTFS permissions for ASP.NET MSSQL Enterprise Manager directory
  • Fixed deletion of nested IIS virtual directories
  • Fixed bug with creating ColdFusion resource
  • Fixed problem with Perl scripts full path disclosure
  • Fixed bug with converting existing FTP subaccounts to full FTP acccount during upgrade to previous version
  • Added possibility to pass absolute path as the path paremeter to the "webdir" resource
  • Fixed bug with incorrect directory indexes after turning ASP.NET or PHP on
  • Redesigned configuration procedure so that resources can be configured regardless of hosting services availability

Release Notes History

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