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H-Sphere 2.5 RC 3 Release Notes

25 Apr 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.


New Features and Improvements

  • New package hsphere-surfml-0.0.1-0 which adds web interface for browsing mailing list archives from user cp created by ezmlm-idx
  • Added possibility to optionally include taxes to manual credits
  • Improved procedure of ComodoSSL certificates purchase by end users: provided direct communication between end user and Comodo for certificate purchase confirmation.
  • Implemented additional options for mail, MySQL and PostgreSQL logical servers to choose external webmail, phpmyadmin and phppgadmin in admin CP
  • Added AXIS access filter to manage SOAP access to CP server from external IPs.
  • Added the VPS converter tool that must be run to convert VPS plans and accounts during the update from H-Sphere 2.4.x to 2.5
  • The awstats resource has been added to the list of windows hosting resources
  • Removed submit URL from user CP as deprecated
  • Improved cPanel migration
  • Canceled support for PayPal Pro merchant gateway. It can't work with the recurrent transactions correctly because requires CVV for each transaction.
  • Added mechanism of customizing conf file templates via the hsphere-update package
  • Added email notification for failed domain registration renewal
  • Improved the "country" select control: its default value is taken as the country from reseller's Company Info
  • Added possibility to sign up user without payment and billing info through XML API. Also added searches by signupId to return accountId and userId
  • Added chown for generated javascript

Security-related Changes

  • CP Apache is started under httpdcp user. (This should prevent cpanel user/root user exploits in case Apache is exploited)
  • Directories in ~cpanel are owned by cpanel:httpdcp, with permissions 750
  • Template compilation will change permissions of javascript files
  • Installing H-Sphere packages will transmit images and javascripts to httpdcp ownership
  • Classes are owned by root:cpanel, with permissions 640
  • jar files are currently owned by root, except for those installed by H-Sphere packages
  • shiva-templates templates ownership is cpanel. Images and javascripts group is 'httpdcp'
    Please make sure that newly created custom files have correct ownership and permissions (this does not relate to H-Sphere packages)



  • Virtual Private Servers:
    • Removed incorrect help info for vps IP
    • Edited vps search to show plans and control tools correctly per each reseller
    • A taken vps IP made available as a dedicated IP for a logical web server
    • Fixed the bug when assigned devices were not shown if vps server used custom group
  • Dedicated Servers:
    • fixed access to the backup maintenance routines
    • fixed problems with editing the fields 'device' and 'description' in the Network Switch Settings
    • improved errors processing in case a dedicated server or a template is unavailbe by the id specified
    • added field "Template" to improve usability, and to reduce amount of mistakes when adding new dedicated servers to accounts
  • Fixed dns configuration not to show dns records not included to a plan
  • Added a missing icon and a label for async. manager
  • Minor fix for migration to Cobalt RAQ4
  • Minor fixes for XPressia/Xpressia Lite designs to keep drop-down menus from falling appart in case the browser window width is not enough to show the whole top menu
  • Fixes in billing
  • Minor design fixes
  • Minor code corrections
  • Fixed the problem with the billing period for the trial account.
  • Fixed the transfer of the domains registered with the Enom.
  • Moved re-generation system dns records methods from EnterpriseManager to AdmDNSManager class
  • Fixed a bug with affiliate script not called during signup when account goes to moderation section
  • Fixed the bug with error messages appearing during signup to Windows Plans without billing
  • Security fix to avoid running malicious scripts using calls in the 'domain name' parameter
  • Minor fix to avoid problems with the " character in regular expressions
  • Removed UserDNSServices block in H-Sphere XML API
  • Added configuration to generate wsdl correctly using AxisServlet
  • Fixed LogFormat prefix for correct Urchin work
  • Fixed error in web content migration. Now if domain has no subdomains, web content is migrated correctly
  • Added server-side validation for mail relay creation
  • Added server-side validation for mail SRS param
  • Fixed handling of state2 value into signup procedure
  • The servlet configuration script fixed to set correct ownership/permissions for the index.html file.
  • Servlet configuration updating script was corrected to meet the latest security requirements (from now on config files are created with permissions: `root:cpanel 640`).


New Features and Improvements

  • Updated AWStats to version 6.5


  • Fixed a bug with creating wrong folders if the installer is launched from directory containing spaces (for instance, C:Program Files)
  • Fixed a bug with restoring default custom error page
  • Minor fixes for e-commerce
  • Fixed a bug in the SharedSSL patch
  • Fixed a bug of traffic gathering

Release Notes History

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