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H-Sphere 2.5 RC 2 Release Notes

13 Mar 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.


New Features and Improvements



  • Dedicated Servers (DS):
    • Corrected the default status of a dedicated server automatically assigned to it upon creation to avoid picking up of servers which haven't been prepared yet.
    • Disabled prices for the Dedicated server manager resource.
    • Fixed reseller level access violation when checking the possibility of adding a new subnet to a dedicated server.
    • Added navigation to the DS select report when assigning an IP range.
    • Fixed possible problem with adding interfaces for master admin's servers (when adding a DS, the main hosting admin was able to choose a network switch managed by a reseller, that led to errors).
    • DS user interface: improved interface appearance and prevented sending invalid requests by a customer who doesn't have dedicated servers.
    • Removed some DS icons which mistakenly appeared in end user CP non-DS plans.
  • Improved security of the NTPNow gateway
  • Resolved the problem with using old UID during content move.
  • Insignificant corrections to the "Compare Plans" template.
  • Added an icon for search by VPS hostname.
  • Changed SetQuota tool to conform with all file storage system quota managers supported in H-Sphere.
  • Fixed problem with prefixes missing after migration to Raq4.
  • Fixed SQL query in the WebPayments log report to show transactions with users in moderation section.
  • Fixed the "only live user" checkbox in Web Payments Log
  • Fixed problem with the default Web payment systems template which shows when an error occurs.
  • Fixed problem with the IP field for 2Checkout, WorldPay and PaySystems Web payment processors.
  • Fixed ExternalPayment to correctly process multiple payments if some of them are canceled
  • Provided a quick solution to the problem with creating/editing plans under some resellers when mail server groups are disabled in reseller plans.
  • Fixes in validation and YAFV core
  • Added some missing icons in admin CP.
  • Changed .qmail files' command format for message delivery to local domain adress
  • Added check on available registration period during domain registgration renewal
  • Minor fixes in the MS Exchange templates related to distribution lists and displaying mailbox names
  • The TrafficLog parameter from http.conf is now used instead of command line parameter in the analyze.pl cron


New Features and Improvements:

  • Added MS SQL 2005 support


  • Fixed bug when enabling SSL failed under certain conditions
  • Fixed ASP.NET client location bug
  • Fixed bug caused launching ASP.NET applications under the ASPNET or NETWORK SERVICE accounts

Release Notes History

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