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H-Sphere 2.5 RC 1 Release Notes

09 Feb 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.


New Features and Improvements

  • Added the 'Spamassasin parameters' section to Qmail Parameters pages, with 'maxsascore', 'samsgsize' and 'satimeout' parameters
  • Added search by VPS hostname in CP
  • Added 'opensmtptimeout' qmail parameter
  • Added mail domain name to the header of the Qmail Server Parameters page
  • Implemented support of third-party file storage systems' quota managers: NetApp, BlueArc, EMC Celerra.
  • Added support for planning new EasyApp 2.x branch.
  • Added new FreeBSD packages:
    • utf8locale-without-swidth-040319 - required by Horde for multilanguage support on FreeBSD 4.x
    • ldconfig_compat-1.0_5 on all FreeBSD boxes



  • Dedicated servers:
    • Fixes related to the "mail services" section of DS plan wizards.
    • Corrections related to the "Your templates" section of DS plan wizards.
    • Fixed problem with detaching a dedicated server from an end user account when the server is managed by the main hosting provider but the user is under a reseller.
    • Dedicated server administration: added restrictions to disable navigation links in CP when the option "allow_own_ds" is set to off (affects resellers).
    • Provided a workaround to avoid problems with reseller billing when custom-built server prices are only applicable to end customers (i.e., resellers aren't billed). As for now reselling custom-built servers is disabled.
    • Fixed problem with unability to set empty price value for a DS template
    • Dedicated server assignment page (admin). Fixed navigation (necessary parameters added).
    • Fixed recurrent fee calculation for custom-built servers.
  • VPS related improvements and fixes:
    • Implemented VPS specific user info (left) panel for VPS accounts to enable changing quota from the Quick Access page
    • Fixed the issue when VPS account's webmaster mailbox was created with empty password
    • Fixed dependencies for VPS resources to eliminate prompting the user for prices for VPS resources when these are disabled in the reseller plan
    • Fixed the issue when DNS zone was being added to VPS not to domain
  • Fixed Error 401 page validation issue on Web servers
  • Fixed error handling during SPF creation
  • Raq4 migration fixes: fixed umlauts handling for autoresponders during migration from raq4; better handling of mail conversion
  • Fixed problems with permissions of the default /hsphere/shared/miva/lib/config/3x.so Miva library
  • Added possibility to re-generate DNS system custom records in E.Manager
  • Fixed problem with instant domain alias IP for accounts with dedicated IP and NAT support. Now external IP is used as instant domain alias in default login page, not internal as it was before.
  • Added check whether a network interface IP to be deleted is the main interface IP
  • Fix currency format for billing entries messages
  • Implemented ability to recreate MSSQL resources
  • Corrected autoresponder creation with an empty subject
  • Modified MySQL related table records in H-Sphere system database when the option "Remote Access to MySQL Logical Server" is on
  • Removed the deprecated encoding notation in labels for Russian and Italian languages
  • Fixed the issue when icons for deprecated CGI scripts appeared on the Quick Access page in user CP
  • Dedicated server icons are removed from user CP's under non-DS plans
  • Eliminated a problem with mail relays not being displayed when H-Sphere can't get mail relays values from a mail server
  • Corrected issues with Rules Du Jour settings
  • Fixed an issue with navigation in Plan Editor when the 'Do not change prices' flag is set
  • Fixed problem with incorrect order of creation of Winbox domain aliases in admin CP
  • Fixed error processing when writing SpamAssassin parameters to SA MySQL database
  • Minor corrections in interface design and labels
  • Release Notes History

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