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H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 7 Release Notes

23 Nov 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.





  • Fixed problem with system producing incorrect invoices when resuming accounts
  • Fixed the problem with a newly created custom group that was available for use of reseller by default
  • Corrected description of doublebouncehost and bouncehost qmail params
  • Moved SpamAssassin samsgsize param to qmail params section
  • Fixed setting value for uninitialized qmail select param
  • Fixed problem with VPS resources not showing on the Compare Plans page
  • Removed double copyright text at the botom of page
  • Included fixes to avoid possible problems when upgrading EasyApp collection
  • Fixed bug with ASP not showing in user CP interface
  • Improved company validation to check 60 symbols limit
  • Fixed problem with processing customer redirect from PayPal after the payment is processed
  • Eliminated problem with displaying wrong amount on the payment redirect page
  • Fixed NTPNow merchant gateway, added zip code support
  • Fixed problem with signup in normal window
  • Set www. alias as default to generate Comodo SSL
  • Improved MS SQL manager resource to depend on ASP, ASP.Net and MS SQL resources
  • Fixed validation of admin custom TXT DNS record
  • Solved problem with deleted taxes that show in user billing statements even if the tax amount is 0
  • Fixed mail relay creation for mail domain alias
  • Fixed displaying domain aliases in case when this resouce is disabled in the plan
  • Fixed problem with sending empty e-mail messages by Async. Manager for Completed/Canceled Async. Processes
  • Fixed problem with rounding balance when processing 3rd party resources like Registrar. Problem occured when auth-capture was used instead of charge methods.
  • Fixed MX record creation to a service zone in case of using MyDNS
  • Fixed bug when MS SQL database was checked w/o prefix
  • Corrected error processing for getting mail relay list
  • Updated files for domain registrar agreement
  • Included taxes to create/change resource estimation
  • Fixed creation of TXT record for myDNS
  • Fixed problem with mail traffic details
  • Fixed problem with signup to a dedicated server plan when adding an account to existing one



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