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H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 6 Release Notes

09 Oct 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.





  • Improved cPanel, Raq4 and Ensim migrations into H-Sphere
  • Fixed problem with cron_rotate.pl: now if dir ~user/domain.com doesn't exist, cron_rotate.pl creates this directory with correct permissions user:user
  • Fixed problem with disabling mail confirmation on Ticket System
  • Fixed problem with customer being able to sign up for the deleted plan
  • Resolved problem with checking MSSQL login/DB before creating resource
  • Fixed problem with updating H-Sphere package after existing physical server is deleted
  • Resolved problem with signing up accounts for a plan when Register a standard domain option is enabled and the Domain resource is disabled
  • Fixed problem getting admin resource for admin account using SOAP API
  • Eliminated bug when changing contact/billing info didn't change registrar settings for transfer domains
  • Fixed problem restoring registrar parameters after unsuccessful renewal request
  • Corrected Content Move procedure: transfer process suspends in case system fails to load some resources that are essential part of account
  • Resolved problem with placing Certificate Authority files on Windows boxes
  • Fixed setting CatchAll property for mailobject with uppercase letter in the name
  • Fixed Urchin log processing script according to the new scheme of log rotating
  • Added Stand-Alone DNS cache file creation/update mode under root user
  • Resolved issues with installing multiple EasyAppSDK generated plugins
  • Removed redundant permission changes to wget or fetch commands in updater.



  • Fixed problem when osCommerce resource enabled in H-Sphere 2.4.x couldn't be managed correctly after upgrading to 2.5
  • ASPSecured is no longer supported and removed from Windows plans
  • Fixed problem with launching DSN security patch before NewSecurity patch which prevented DSN from switching to new security scheme
  • Fixed bug which caused admin accounts to be treated as H-Sphere FTP accounts by NewSecurity patch
  • Fixed Perl bug when scriptmaps are converted to lowercase which is invalid for IIS 6.0
  • Fixed MSExchange problem with setting SMTP domain as a primary domain

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