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H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 5 Release Notes

21 Sep 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.



  • Added MSExchangeStats cron job to collect information about mailbox usage
  • Added XML API methods to remove AntiSpam and AntiVirus resources
  • Added enforce mail ticket confirmation for admin, user confirmation remains dependent on CP settings
  • Added signupUserEmpty, signupUserWithoutRegistrarInfo, signupUserFull methods for SOAP to sign up users from other programming Languages (PHP, Perl) easier
  • Added named and httpdcp config file customization



  • Added mailobjects table initializing the postmaster value
  • Added check on existing ~userhome/stats file, which, if exists, is moved into ~userhome/stats.bck.NNN
  • Fixed problem with displaying Web Payment link in the massmail template
  • Fixed problem with calculating domain registrar price during renewal
  • Replaced attribute custom_nameservers with custom_transfer_nameservers to avoid problems with the transfer request
  • Fixed WebPayment log problem displaying records for deleted accounts
  • Added payment verification to fix problem with WorldPay
  • Fixed problem with AWStats not working on stopgap domains on Dedicated IPs
  • Fixed problem with converting localized amounts included into the payment redirect links
  • Resolved problem with incorrect start and end date in monthly resource change estimation
  • Fixed dedicated server comparison page
  • Fixed bug with user being unable to turn on VPS limits enabled in his plan after account creation
  • Fixed problem with being unable to extract Plan with 'nodomain' resource disabled
  • Corrected grepping of IPs from server.config
  • Added check for the TMP variable to the cron_rotate.pl script for correct apache restart
  • Added chown 755 for /hsphere/shared/scripts directory
  • Changed Transfer Log file name to domain name for stopgap domains on dedicated IP
  • Fixed SpamAssassin parameter description
  • Resolved problem with H-Sphere hangup during EasyApp installation
  • Fixed problem with sending extra info to Registrar
  • Removed redundant SpamAssassin parameters for 1.28 version
  • Fixed problem with possibility to turn ON resources in reseller plans on fresh H-Sphere installation even if the resources are globally disabled
  • Fixed problem with sending custom emails at Asynchronous Domain Registration by using a tag received from method's parameter
  • Fixed XML Merger: in case two xmls to merge were big enough, the system started "optimized" search that failed



  • Fixed problem with Perl scripts full path disclosure
  • Fixed the bug with wrong authentication settings for urchin.exe CGI tool
  • Fixed issue with incorrect PHP path
  • Fixed problem with NTFS permissions for ASP.NET MSSQL Enterprise Manager directory
  • Fixed problem with numeration of databases in MSSQL on the server with large number of databases
  • Fixed problem caused some SSL keys couldn't be installed on server

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