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H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 4 Release Notes

08 Aug 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.



  • Corrected mail quota validation
  • Improved IP Pool Management in Dedicated Servers
  • Added "notify_url" parameter allowing H-Sphere to inform Paypal about payment notification URL instead of setting it in PayPal interface
  • Added cira-registrant extra parameter for ".ca" domain in the Enom implementation
  • Added ability to completely remove Comodo SSL certificate
  • Added internal H-Sphere blacklist with usernames reserved under Linux and FreeBSD. All affected accounts will be placed into the Moderated section.



  • H-Sphere VPS fixes:
    • Removed unsupported rpm option used for RH73
    • Added default timeout and number of download retries to wget command
    • Added hsphere-vps package scripts for correct installation/update
  • Fixed validation message for FTP subaccount adding
  • Fixed problem with displaying the correct amount in the payment confirmation link
  • Fixed billing problem when billing balance wasn't set correctly if billing entry is cancelled, i.e. at domain renewal
  • Corrected function that adds billing period based debit
  • Fixed problem with incorrect path to chown in cron_rotate.pl
  • Fixed problem with transfering "uk" domains: period value in the transfer request for this doman type is set to "2 years"
  • Fixed problem with broken comparison of Dedicated Server templates
  • Fixed problem with managing CC in E-mail Notification: when group CC was edited, group id dissappeared
  • Fixed bug with failure attempts not incremented if max failure attempts are not set
  • Fixed bug: user registered his domain.tld1 under Registrar1, then administrator replaced tld1 registration with Registrar2. Next renewal for domain.tld1 will appeal to Registrar2, but not to Registrar1.
  • Removed exceeded colspan during IP ranges merge in Dedicated Server IP pool
  • Fixed problem with DomainRegistrationRenewal cron when cron will stop working in case system is unable to load an account
  • Fixed problem with possible missing signup records.
  • Fixed problem with deleting the entire EasyApp collection
  • In Import Users from other systems, added reseller id recognition for templates. Now each reseller can view only its jobs, not all jobs.
  • Fixes in IP Pool management in Dedicated Servers: solved the problem with Subnet Address IP not accounted as "Reserved IP"; solved the problem with the "IP Range Info" popup window for assigned IP ranges on browsers other than Mozilla/Firefox
  • Fixed DS comparison when prices are not set for dedicated server template
  • Rewritten mechanism of processing the 'Carbon Copy ON/OFF' flag in Custom Email Notifications. From now on, the flag is stored in a separate "custom_email_cc" table.
  • Fixed problems with signing for Windows Real Server plans. Corrected the windowsreal.xml plan configuration XML. Rewritten the end.sbm template: removed the check for billing info and added new scheme of running webpayment processors.



  • Added ability to create ColdFusion DSN's with external uid and pwd parameters


  • Fixed bug with PERMANENT flag for URL redirection
  • Fixed problem caused webshell can work incorrectly after upgrade procedure
  • Fixed bug with converting existing FTP sub-accounts to full FTP acccount during upgrade to 2.5 Patch 2
  • WebSite update method modified to fit new IURS users format
  • Fixed problem with breaking NTFS permissions for service ColdFusion scripts after upgrade

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