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H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 3 Release Notes

10 Jul 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.



  • Improvements related to MS Exchange:
    • Business user plan list improved to be sorted by description
    • Added public_folder support
  • Important improvements in H-Sphere installer:
    • Switched force mode by default. Conflicts solution is now performed automatically
    • Improved verification/update of required system packages
    • IP verification now is conducted at the first install stage. For this, added check_ips.sh script
  • Added FreeBSD 5.5 support



  • Fixed XSS vulnerability problems
  • MS Exchange fixes:
    • Fixed the problem with business user password change
    • Fixed the problem setting mailstore and public store quotas
    • Fixed the problem with the msexchange domain name validation in the signup
    • The error Unable to configure mail box has been fixed by removing outdated code part
  • Changed scheme to catch Exception during the resource change operation with billing entry cancellation.
  • Resolved problem with getting /logs value from a plan by changing /nonexistent to /sbin/nologin shell
  • Fixed the ~user/stat directory creation problem that occurred during awstats cron processing
  • Minor fixes to the problems with pricing in Dedicated Servers
  • Prevented NullPointerException while loading dedicated server in case server has templateId of not existing dedicated server template
  • Fixed bug when user's logs could not be deleted from unix box
  • Fixed exception bug on changing more than one mail relay IP
  • Business user plan list improved to be sorted by description
  • Added svscanboot process status check.
  • Fixed setQuota for windows plan
  • Fixed the problem with the empty values in the signup request
  • Fixed the problem with accounts creation using H-Sphere XML API
  • Fixed the problem with the cached data
  • Template configuration script: corrections to avoid possible problems with newer versions (e.g. 3.81) of the gmake (GNU make) utility.
  • Fixed backup estimation

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