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H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 2 Release Notes

20 Jun 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.



  • Changed file name format recognition for CPanel migration
  • Added possibility of setting negative balance in CPanel/RAQ migration



  • Custom Email Notifications:
    • Solved problem with resetting flag "Default for all languages" for existing messages
    • Fixed possible security flaw in e-mail notification templates
    • Code cleanup and readability improvements.
  • Fixed the issue when some E-Mail Notification Recipients won't delete from CP when default language is not English.
  • Fixed bug in main admin CP when tickets for particular reseller couldn't be found
  • Fixed IP migrator to change mail relay IPs
  • Fixed permissions of the '~user/stat' directory
  • Fixed bug when the 'Suspend Debtor' text was not translated into a local language
  • Fixed problem with instant alias for Windows domains. Now if IP is dedicated, Instant Alias resource is disabled for that domains.
  • Fixed the issue with overwriting the hs_bck.cfg file by the H-Sphere updater.



  • Added Nini .NET configuration library designed to help build highly configurable applications quickly


  • Fixed bug with getting usage from MSSQL DB appeared on some locales (affected float number formats)
  • Fixed bug with IUSR name length limitation (the new format is IUSR_<host_id>)
  • Fixed flaw appeared during migration of shared SSL to the new security scheme
  • Fixed reseller prices for MS Exchange resources
  • Fixed bug with calculating statistics from different application pools

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