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H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 11 Release Notes

03 Jul 2007


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  • Resolved a potential security hole with the possibility to change the permissions under the 'httpd' user on the home directory
  • Added HTML-encoding of log files strings when showing them in Control Panel
  • Corrected initialization of the qmail parameters
  • Fixed a problem with getting Last Name from the credit_card table
  • Security fixes to prevent resellers' access to some features via URL parameters (access beyond standard CP interface)
  • Fixed an error with getting privileges for the mysql user
  • Resolved a problem with possible XSS in the redirect form
  • Removed user password from CP interface
  • Fixed a problem with changing user password in moderation section. Now new password is stored not only in the request table but also in the users table.
  • Fixed osCommerce config template: removed hard-coded data
  • Corrected calculation of DS Bandwidth in user CP
  • Minor security fixes related to the Dedicated Servers feature
  • Resolved bug with using ftp/ftp.html instead of winftp/ftp.html template
  • Resolved problem with adding a new DSBandwith resource in case a user doesn't have enough money
  • Updated the Protx merchant gateway with a new version of VSP Direct Protocol
  • Fixed VPS limits to prevent them from setting to '0'
  • Updated the copyright info



  • Added a possibility to specify the quota recalculation period (30 seconds by default)
  • Assigned db_datawriter and db_datareader roles for MSSQL user

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