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H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 10 Release Notes

16 Apr 2007


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.


New Features and Improvements

  • Added ability to set TTL value for custom MX DNS record
  • Removed ANTIDRUG Rules Du Jour rule



  • Fixed problem when SSI resource couldn't be deactivated with Stopgap domain disabled in plan
  • Added changes to avoid getting a full Java stacktrace in hsphere.log file in case the system is unable to parse the Browser-Agent string.
  • Fixed problem with calculating DS Bandwidth usage
  • Downgraded hsphere-perl package to v.1-8 as the latest v.1-9 didn't provide necessary perl modules for H-Sphere VPS
  • Solved problem with transferring domains into Enom that requires EPP Key to be provided for EPP domains
  • Eliminated problem with merging xml files (menu.xml) when some of the attributes in the directive contain special symbols (e.g. &)
  • Solved problem with parsing some of important HTML tags, e.g: input, body, form, having other nested freemarker tags
  • Fixed problem with processing CAPTURE transaction for PayMeNow merchant gateway
  • Fixed TXT DNS record removing for myDNS name server
  • Fixed problem with restoring default A, MX, CNAME records for subdomains under subdomains
  • Added check on unique of CNAME DNS record
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour of BillingEraser in case of processing a deleted account by the tool
  • Fixed security problems with reseller registrar_log, charge_log and webpayment_log reports with transaction details
  • Fixed problem with sorting records in the ds_user_search report by account_id
  • Added permission check for removal of a service DNS zone
  • Added the domain_name field to the excludeFields list to avoid possible problems with adding 3rd level domains when going back and forth on the signup pages.
  • Solved problem with Change mailbox password page containing incorrect images and using old design when XPressia Lite design is set by default.
  • Added minor security fixes to the Admin Settings page
  • Corrected file path validation on the error document definition page to allow '_' symbol in the file name
  • Corrections for resellers that are prohibited from selling their own dedicated servers:
    - Removed possibility to add/edit/delete network switches for the Dedicated Server facility
    - Removed access to Dedicated Server Templates icon in Reseller Admin CP
  • Corrected adding admin_mail_relay.action field
  • Fixed downloading TT attachments in the end user interface
  • Added qmail server restart after rblhosts param is changed
  • Removed expired badurls and urlscnt qmail options
  • Added unlocking MySQL DBs and MySQL DB users
  • Changed generate_pservers_recs variable
  • Fixed processing requests in Kanoodle
  • Fixed wrong license parsing
  • Fixed minor SiteStudio bugs



  • Fixed osCommerce bug which caused Metabase service to stop after creating or deleting OsCommerce resource
  • Eliminated problem with MSSQL losing connection info to MSSQL during update
  • Added user confirmation of MSSQL login deletion with a list of resource to be removed
  • Fixed bug with incorrect determining "Application Data" directory on Windows non-US localization

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