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H-Sphere 2.5 Patch 1 Release Notes

05 Jun 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.



  • Added private, group and strict options to H-Sphere updater to update H-Sphere *nix packages
  • Now HS installer takes up-to-date packages.lst from psoft
  • Improved mail service XML API methods
  • Improvements and fixes in mailing list archive Web interface (surfml)
  • ProFTPd now checks changes in its configuration and if necessary restarts each 5 minutes by special cron script: /hsphere/shared/scripts/cron/ftp-restart.pl
  • Improved the scheme of getting physical server settings in E.Manager -> P.Servers, in particular, to show server details page only for specific servers.
  • Added possibility for user to enable/disable VPS details resource in User CP
  • Improved VPSConvertor: after VPS plans and accounts are converted, signup for 2.4.3 plans is disabled



  • Dedicated servers: fixed the problem with inverse MRTG in/out traffic calculation. Important: to eliminate this issue immediately, refer to our instructions.
  • Prevented admin from suspending itself and the main admin (user_id=1) with demo mode turned on
  • Fixed issue with checking max value of quota and traffic resources while changing these resources
  • Added price.free value initialization for VPS
  • Fixed ownership of the 'load-ballancing' directory
  • Fixed mailbox creation when mailalias with the same name already exists
  • Fixed the issue with config.xml not being generated when H-Sphere doesn't contain any service zone with "Allow Hosting" enabled
  • Increased the field length in H-Sphere database: locale in custom emails to 40 symbols, TXT DNS records up to 255 symbols
  • Corrected wording in comments during SiteStudio installation
  • Fixed error output in Plan Wizards
  • Fixed IP validation problem on the WorldPay page
  • Fixed problem with calculating deposit taxes



  • phpBB 2.0.20


  • Fixed a bug with installing urchin.exe CGI extension for H-Sphere on IIS 6.0.
  • Fixed a problem with upgrading unprefixed DSN's to new security scheme
  • Fixed custom error page on Windows under IIS 6
  • Fixed a bug with setting NTFS permissions for the "scripts\NET" directory during upgrade or install
  • Fixed bug with calculating quota if user has the same name as computer name
  • Fixed the problem with reseller prices for MS Exchange resources
  • Fixed problem with changing MSSQL login password in CP
  • Fixed problem with managing MSSQL databases if database name contains symbol '-'
  • Fixed bug with managing ColdFusion resource if more than one version of ColdFusion is installed on the server

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