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H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 5 Release Notes

19 Jan 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Note: Release notes for H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 5 includes features and fixes for H-Sphere 2.5 Betas 2, 3 and 4.

Unix Improvements

New Features


  • Rewritten H-Sphere Updater
    • Added option to set a list of packages excluded from the update.
    • Added option to skip regeneration of config.xml
    • Provided a more thorough check while adding new physical/logical servers:
      • check on supported Perl version;
      • check if selinux is enabled on the server;
      • check if kernel supports quota
    • If the /hsphere partition or the /hsphere symlink to actual H-Sphere partition is absent, the updater automatically chooses the partition with the largest free space available and creates the /hsphere symlink there. If required, the updater modifies /etc/fstab by adding quota flag to the H-Sphere partition and/or remounts this partition and executes quotacheck.
    • Additional check of logical server configuration. If a newly created physical box doesn't contain any logical servers or service IP (or shared IP on a Web server) is not set on one of the logical servers, the updater will stop on this box.
    • If H-Sphere cluster uses MyDNS service instead of Bind, check/install of the hsphere-bind package is skipped;
    • If any of the checks fails, the updater stops and informs what is required to continue the update.
    • Added update of the fs.file-max (Linux) and kern.maxfiles (FreeBSD) sysctl parameter on web logical servers.
    • Fixed checking IP-related information;
    • Fixed issues with managing services during the update;
    • Fixed the update package procedure on FreeBSD 5.4 boxes
  • All H-Sphere packages are rebuilt to comply with new approach to H-Sphere installation packages
  • New common packages:
  • Package expat-1.95 moved to Common Packages section
  • Updated Java to 1.5 on CP Server:
    • jdk-1.5.0-05 (Linux)
    • jdk-1.5.0p2_1 (FreeBSD, except for FreeBSD 5.x)
  • hsphere-jakarta-5.5.12-1
  • Updated compat4x-i386-5.3 for FreeBSD
  • Web server:
    the hsphere-apache-webbox package is split into separate Apache and PHP packages:
    • hsphere-apache-1.3.34-1 - Apache server
    • PHP 4 and PHP 5 packages with a possibility to switch between the versions for a physical server:
      - hsphere-php5-5.1.2-1
      - hsphere-php5-plugins-5.1.2-1
      - hsphere-php4-4.4.2-1
      - hsphere-php4-plugins-4.4.2-1
    • hsphere-ftp-1.3.0rc2-3
  • DNS server: hsphere-bind-9.3.1-2
  • Mail server:
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL servers:
  • SiteStudio is installed into H-Sphere and updated by means of packages instead of tgz archives:
    • hsphere-sitestudio-core-1.7rc1_23
    • hsphere-sitestudio-templates-1.7rc1_23
  • Some third-party products are built as packages:
  • Removed packages:
    • hsphere-openssl - original OpenSSL coming with OS is used instead
    • hsphere-quota - now part of the hsphere-perl package
    • hsphere-zziplib - deprecated (no longer required by WebShell)


  • Improved SPF update and added check if a child TXT DNS record exists while removing built-in DNS records
  • Improved validation of fax numbers depending on TLD of the chosen domain
  • Fixed non-printable characters in LicenseChecker messages
  • Fixed problem with corrupted billing info data passed through as "params" when the basic contact info fields contained non-Latin characters
  • Corrected creation of autoresponder attachments - added catch exception if Uploader can't get a new autoresponder attachment file from cache (for example after CP restart)
  • Changes to correctly show logical server groups in hosting plan wizards
  • Corrected creation and edition of plan wizards
  • Fixed the bug when a VPS account couldn't be created under user CP (add Account) if user chooses new billing profile
  • Fixed creating virtual servers with the same name under different users
  • Fixed the issue with getting VPS limit values from cache for a stopped virtual server instead of setting them to 0
  • Rewritten signup record scheme to correctly lock/unlock simultaneous signup processes
  • Added creation of user log directory if the latter is absent
  • Optimized query to get affected monthly resources. Optimized usage description for the Traffic and DiskUsage resources to avoid generation of usage description for non-billable value
  • Added Urchin reconfig for Split Account. Now new Urchin user is created for split account and domain access is reconfigured for both old and new users, along with changing DNS records (A, MX, CNAME)
  • Taken away extracting instant domain alias to migration XML for Windows-hosted domains
  • Removed writing messages into migration error log if SQL resource is absent when extracting data to migration XML
  • Fixed possibility to add custom record for new logical server during add service procedure.
  • Minor bugfixes in multi-browser H-Sphere support
  • Fixed the issue with restoring a default A record from the dnszone file.
  • Optimized the mail_overlimit.pl cron script
  • Fixed ModLogAn package version definition during the update
  • Fixed timeout in GestPay web payment processor when trying to register an OpenSRS resource.
  • Fixed the issue with duplicating IPs while adding IP on FreeBSD
  • Fixed ServerAliasesRenamer to avoid premature exit while processing server alias records during IP migration.
  • Fixed cross site scripting vulnerability issues
  • Disabled the Mail Traffic section in user mail interface for domain aliases with mail service
  • Fixed problem with leftovers in MySQL database permissions when deleting a database that has users who have access also to another databases
  • Fixed a problem with encoding of massmail messages in languages other than English
  • Fixed cron/db_usage.pl: PATH initialization moved to the top of the script
  • Fixed the Physical server parameters page
  • Fixed restoring of a MX record for a mail domain alias and for a mail domain with a mail relay. Fixed dispaying of MX, CNAME and TXT records of a domain alias
  • Fixed error in disabling the 'smtpauth' qmail parameter
  • Improved the reseller plan editor: If 'do not change prices' flag is set, the dedicated server, domain registration and domain tranfer pages are not shown
  • Fixed the problem with TT showing only after CP restart
  • Fixed a problem with promotions behaviour in a copied plan
  • Fixed problem with Server Alias for CP server when CP SSL is turned on
  • Fixed inability to remove the 'unix user' home directory while deleting the 'unix user'
  • Fixed displaying of invoice for changed IP type
  • Corrected migrating users between resellers if MailRelay is enabled
  • Modified Bind restart script according to supervision management requirements
  • Redundant message "Account Suspension Warning" in Suspend Cron won't be send anymore on the day when the system starts the suspension procedure.
  • Added EasyApp database sequence generator to H-Sphere 2.5 installer.
  • Fixed EasyApp tarball permissions
  • Fixed a problem with disabling/enabling Send CC in the Email Notifications interface

Windows Improvements

New Features


  • phpBB 2.0.19
  • WebShell 4.3.3


  • Fixed a bug with trailing spaces when adding URL-based custom error pages for Windows servers
  • Fixed an issue with CPU overload after the upgrade to version 2.5
  • Fixed a bug with Windows servers' being incorrectly marked as newly installed
  • Added automatic obligatory IIS restart on Windows 2003 servers after their upgrade to version 2.5 in order to avoid the "Service Unavailable" error for domains
  • Fixed a bug with suspended accounts not being switched to the new Windows security scheme during the updrade
  • Fixed a bug when subsequent HS 2.5 upgrade returned application pools from Network Service back to Local System identity
  • Fixed a bug which caused launching of unnecessary patches after the HS 2.5 Winbox installation
  • Fixed an issue with website suspension when directory browsing flag is enabled for this site
  • Fixed an internal error when turning ASP.NET on
  • Fixed an ASP.NET bug causing W3SVC service restart
  • Fixed bug with incorrect reading of configuration info if ASP.NET root version revison is other than 0
  • Added SOAP support to suspend and resume methods in VirtualHostingResource on Windows servers
  • Fixed Urchin profile update bug
  • Fixed an issue in ColdFusion installer

[+] See H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 5 features and fixes in comparison with H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 4

Release Notes History

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