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H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 4 (Private Build 703) Release Notes

Under development - not for production servers


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This version is a private release for beta testers. This version is not recommended for production servers! Please refer to the latest stable version.
Note for beta testers: Please report all bugs and issues to our Bugzilla system. Please send info on successful installation/upgrade to bugreport@psoft.net.

For the list of features initially introduced in H-Sphere 2.5 see the H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 3 Release Notes.


New Features and Improvements

  • Improvements in hsphere updater:
    • Added option to set a list of packages excluded from the update.
    • Added option to skip regeneration of config.xml
    • Provided a more thorough check while adding new physical/logical servers:
      • check on supported Perl version;
      • check if selinux is enabled on the server;
      • check if kernel supports quota
    • If the /hsphere partition or the /hsphere symlink to actual H-Sphere partition is absent, the updater automatically chooses the partition with the largest free space available and creates the /hsphere symlink there. If required, the updater modifies /etc/fstab by adding quota flag to the H-Sphere partition and/or remounts this partition and executes quotacheck.
    • Additional check of logical server configuration. If a newly created physical box doesn't contain any logical servers or service IP (or shared IP on a Web server) is not set on one of the logical servers, the updater will stop on this box.
    • If H-Sphere cluster uses MyDNS service instead of Bind, check/install of the hsphere-bind package is skipped;
    • If any of the checks fails, the updater stops and informs what is required to continue the update.
    • Added update of the fs.file-max (Linux) and kern.maxfiles (FreeBSD) sysctl parameter on web logical servers.
  • Added new requirements for customization of H-Sphere server configuration files: now the respective templates should be modified instead of making changes to the config files directly
  • Changed priorities in searching a Java compiler: javac is now given the top priority as compared to jikes (older versions of jikes fail if Java 1.5 is installed)
  • Added support for transfering domains to Enom registrar and added new TLD's registered with Enom.
  • Added support for registering co.uk and org.uk domains via Enom registar
  • Implemented CVV validation for PayFlowPro merchant gateway
  • Enabled writing the status of requests on completed registration into the registrar log
  • Code improvements and fixes in to PlanExtractor and PlanCreator
  • Added the HePlanExctractor utility extracting XML with properties of MS Exchange plans available on the Hosted Exchange server



  • Fixes in Dedicated Servers:
    • Solved problem with skipping the step "Dedicated Server Templates Prices" in plan wizards
    • Fixed problem with some items (menus/icons) appearing even if the "Dedicated Server Facilities" option is disabled globally
    • Fixed problem with absent links "Add new template" and "Add new server" when there are no added items yet
    • Added the necessary dependences for resources 'backup' and 'reseller_backup' to solve the problem with the dedicated server backup option showing in the plan even if dedicated server backups are disabled globally
    • Made optional the "mail_only_domain" resource for dedicated server plans to allow/disallow mail services
    • If none of the domain resources is enabled in the dedicated server plan, Domain settings menu is removed from user interface
    • Corrected H-Sphere templates to forbid creating new dedicated server templates/new dedicated servers in reseller administrative accounts if the option "allow resellers to sell their dedicated servers" is disabled globally or through the reseller plan
  • Fixes in H-Sphere updater:
    • Fixed checking IP-related information;
    • Fixed issues with managing services during the update;
    • Fixed the update package procedure on FreeBSD 5.4 boxes
  • Fixed problem with Server Alias for CP server when CP SSL is turned on
  • Fixed inability to remove the 'unix user' home directory while deleting the 'unix user'
  • Fixed displaying of invoice for changed IP type
  • Corrected migrating users between resellers if MailRelay is enabled
  • Modified Bind restart script according to supervision management requirements
  • Redundant message "Account Suspension Warning" in Suspend Cron won't be send anymore on the day when the system starts the suspension procedure.
  • Added EasyApp database sequence generator to H-Sphere 2.5 installer.
  • Fixed EasyApp tarball permissions
  • Fixed a problem with disabling/enabling Send CC in the Email Notifications interface



  • Fixed an issue with CPU overload after the upgrade to version 2.5
  • Fixed a bug with Windows servers' being incorrectly marked as newly installed
  • Added automatic obligatory IIS restart on Windows 2003 servers after their upgrade to version 2.5 in order to avoid the "Service Unavailable" error for domains
  • Fixed a bug with suspended accounts not being switched to the new Windows security scheme during the updrade
  • Fixed a bug when subsequent HS 2.5 upgrade returned application pools from Network Service back to Local System identity
  • Fixed a bug which caused launching of unnecessary patches after the HS 2.5 Winbox installation
  • Fixed an issue with website suspension when directory browsing flag is enabled for this site
  • Fixed an internal error when turning ASP.NET on
  • Fixed an ASP.NET bug causing W3SVC service restart
  • Fixed bug with incorrect reading of configuration info if ASP.NET root version revison is other than 0
  • Added SOAP support to suspend and resume methods in VirtualHostingResource on Windows servers
  • Fixed Urchin profile update bug
  • Fixed an issue in ColdFusion installer

Release Notes History

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