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H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 3 (Private Build 702) Release Notes

Under development - not for production servers!


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This version is a private release for beta testers. This version is not recommended for production servers! Please refer to the latest stable version.
Note for beta testers: Please report all bugs and issues to our Bugzilla system. Please send info on successful installation/upgrade to bugreport@psoft.net.

Note: Release notes for H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 3 also includes features and fixes for H-Sphere 2.5 Beta 2.

Unix Improvements

New Features



  • Improved SPF update and added check if a child TXT DNS record exists while removing built-in DNS records
  • Improved validation of fax numbers depending on TLD of the chosen domain
  • Fixed non-printable characters in LicenseChecker messages
  • Corrected creation of autoresponder attachments - added catch exception if Uploader can't get a new autoresponder attachment file from cache (for example after CP restart)
  • Changes to correctly show logical server groups in hosting plan wizards
  • Corrected creation and edition of plan wizards
  • Fixed the bug when a VPS account couldn't be created under user CP (add Account) if user chooses new billing profile
  • Fixed creating virtual servers with the same name under different users
  • Fixed the issue with getting VPS limit values from cache for a stopped virtual server instead of setting them to 0
  • Rewritten signup record scheme to correctly lock/unlock simultaneous signup processes
  • Added creation of user log directory if the latter is absent
  • Optimized query to get affected monthly resources. Optimized usage description for the Traffic and DiskUsage resources to avoid generation of usage description for non-billable value
  • Added Urchin reconfig for Split Account. Now new Urchin user is created for split account and domain access is reconfigured for both old and new users, along with changing DNS records (A, MX, CNAME)
  • Taken away extracting instant domain alias to migration XML for Windows-hosted domains
  • Removed writing messages into migration error log if SQL resource is absent when extracting data to migration XML
  • Fixed possibility to add custom record for new logical server during add service procedure.
  • Minor bugfixes in multi-browser H-Sphere support
  • Fixed the issue with restoring a default A record from the dnszone file.
  • Optimized the mail_overlimit.pl cron script
  • Fixed ModLogAn package version definition during the update
  • Fixed timeout in GestPay web payment processor when trying to register an OpenSRS resource.
  • Fixed the issue with duplicating IPs while adding IP on FreeBSD
  • Fixed ServerAliasesRenamer to avoid premature exit while processing server alias records during IP migration.
  • Many minor fixes

Windows Improvements

New Features

Release Notes History

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