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H-Sphere 2.5 Release Notes

04 May 2006


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Linux/FreeBSD Improvements

New Features and Updates

  • Implemented support of Dedicated Servers feature
  • Billing:
  • E.Manager:
  • Merchant Gateways and Web payment systems:
  • Domain Registrars:
    • Added support for transfering domains to Enom registrar and added new TLD's registered with Enom.
    • Added email notification for failed domain registration renewal
    • Enabled writing the status of requests on completed registration into the registrar log
  • Mail System:
  • Migration:
  • Virtual Private Servers:
    • VPS Plan functionality has been significantly extended: added domain registration support, introduced new types of VPS limits, added possibility to use mail service based on standard H-Sphere logical servers.
    • Added VPS traffic to the list of changeable monthly resources
    • Added search by VPS hostname in CP
    • Introduced H-Sphere VPS installation and upgrade by means of H-Sphere updater.
  • H-Sphere XML API:
    • Added actions for User FTP services and DNS services
    • Added possibility to sign up user without payment and billing info through XML API. Also added searches by signupId to return accountId and userId
  • System Packages:
  • Security-related Changes:
    • Added AXIS access filter to restrict SOAP access to CP server from external IPs.
    • CP Apache is started under httpdcp user. (This should prevent cpanel user/root user exploits in case Apache is exploited)
    • Directory ~cpanel are owned by cpanel:httpdcp, with permissions 710
    • Template compilation will change permissions of javascript files
    • Installing H-Sphere packages will transmit images and javascripts to httpdcp ownership
    • Classes are owned by root:cpanel, with permissions 640
    • jar files are currently owned by root, except for those installed by H-Sphere packages
    • shiva-templates templates ownership is cpanel. Images and javascripts group is 'httpdcp'
    • Removed deprecated Generic CGI Scripts
  • Other Features:



  • Virtual Private Servers:
    • Edited vps search to show plans and control tools correctly per each reseller
    • A taken vps IP made available as a dedicated IP for a logical web server
    • Implemented VPS specific user info (left) panel for VPS accounts to enable changing quota from the Quick Access page
    • Fixed the issue when VPS account's webmaster mailbox was created with empty password
    • Fixed dependencies for VPS resources to eliminate prompting the user for prices for VPS resources when these are disabled in the reseller plan
  • Other Bugfixes:
    • Fixed dns configuration not to show dns records not included to a plan
    • Fixed the problem with the billing period for the trial account.
    • Fixed a bug with affiliate script not called during signup when account goes to moderation section
    • Improved security of the NTPNow gateway
    • Resolved the problem with using old UID during content move.
    • Changed SetQuota tool to conform with all file storage system quota managers supported by H-Sphere.
    • Fixed SQL query in the WebPayments log report to show transactions with users in moderation section.
    • Fixed the "only live user" checkbox in Web Payments Log
    • Fixed problem with the default Web payment systems template which shows when an error occurs.
    • Fixed problem with the IP field for 2Checkout, WorldPay and PaySystems Web payment processors.
    • Fixed ExternalPayment to correctly process multiple payments if some of them are canceled
    • Added check on available registration period during domain registgration renewal
    • Fixed Error 401 page validation issue on Web servers
    • Removed the deprecated encoding notation in labels for Russian and Italian languages
    • Improved validation of fax numbers depending on TLD of the chosen domain
    • Corrected creation of autoresponder attachments.
    • Fixed the bug when a VPS account couldn't be created under user CP (add Account) if user chooses new billing profile
    • Fixed creating virtual servers with the same name under different users
    • Fixed the issue with getting VPS limit values from cache for a stopped virtual server instead of setting them to 0
    • Rewritten signup record scheme to correctly lock/unlock simultaneous signup processes
    • Optimized the mail_overlimit.pl cron script
    • Fixed timeout in GestPay web payment processor when trying to register an OpenSRS resource.
    • Fixed the issue with duplicating IPs while adding IP on FreeBSD
    • Fixed ServerAliasesRenamer to avoid premature exit while processing server alias records during IP migration.
    • Fixed restoring of a MX record for a mail domain alias and for a mail domain with a mail relay. Fixed dispaying of MX, CNAME and TXT records of a domain alias
    • Redundant message "Account Suspension Warning" in Suspend Cron won't be send anymore on the day when the system starts the suspension procedure.
    • Fixed a problem with disabling/enabling Send CC in the Email Notifications interface

Windows Improvements

New Features:


  • Fixed a bug with creating wrong folders if the installer is launched from directory containing spaces (for instance, C:Program Files)
  • Fixed a bug with restoring default custom error page
  • Fixed a bug in the SharedSSL patch
  • Fixed bug when enabling SSL failed under certain conditions
  • Fixed ASP.NET client location bug
  • Fixed bug caused launching ASP.NET applications under the ASPNET or NETWORK SERVICE accounts
  • Fixed a bug with Windows servers' being incorrectly marked as newly installed
  • Fixed a bug which caused launching of unnecessary patches after the HS 2.5 Winbox installation
  • Fixed an issue with website suspension when directory browsing flag is enabled for this site
  • Added SOAP support to suspend and resume methods in VirtualHostingResource on Windows servers
  • Fixed Urchin profile update bug
  • Fixed an issue in ColdFusion installer

Release Notes History

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