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H-Sphere 2.4.3 RC 2 Release Notes

26 May 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Unix Improvements

New Features and Updates

  • Included SiteStudio 1.6 Patch 2
  • Java 1.4.2 is included into H-Sphere installation for CP servers under FreeBSD 4.x.
    Implemented the javaupdate option in the H-Sphere update script to upgrade Java to 1.4.2 after the H-Sphere update.
  • PostgreSQL 7.4.8 is included into H-Sphere installation
  • Updated H-Sphere mail service to hsphere-mai-service-3-5 that includes SpamAssassin 3.0.3 and ClamAV 0.85.1 updates
  • Updated Webmail to hsphere-webmails-2-1, the next generation of H-Sphere Webmail, introducing new stable Horde 3.0.4 release with H-Sphere built-in theme, and new SqWebMail 5.0.2
  • Updated IMAP to hsphere-imap-4.0.2-1 that includes courier-imap-4.0.2 and courier-authlib-0.55 updates
  • Updated phpBB 2.0.15
  • Updated IP migrator to version 0.3 that includes the following improvements and fixes:
    - IP migrator can now automatically form an IP migration map XML file from the list of all available logical server IPs
    - IP migration XML can also be created from of the text file with a table of new and old IPs;
    - Implemented XML validation in IP migration map XML file;
    - Correctly exits on errors during the migration;
    - Changes reseller CP SSL IPs during the migration;
    - Cleans old IPs from the H-Sphere database and ifconfig after successful migration;
    - Other minor fixes and improvements;
  • Improved mail service information for an account on the Account Info page:
    - Showing new resources: Antispam, Antivirus, Mail Relay, and SPF;
    - Showing mail resources for domain aliases where mail service is enabled;
    - Fixed showing mail resources for Mail Only plans;
    - Fixed account info page for the Reseller and Mail Only plans
  • Improved the installation of the files included into H-Sphere packages (scripts, tarballs and RPMs) to remote physical boxes:
    - Provided the Java tool (psoft.hsp.tools.PkgRecheck) to check package file integrity and to reinstall the package files on remote H-Sphere boxes;
    - Installed packages (PackageName.hsp) are now copied to the ~cpanel/shiva/packages/PackageName directories;
    - Fixed updating the list of operating systems supported by H-Sphere to correctly install package files on newly supported platforms;
  • Added new H-Sphere XML API methods to MailServices: getAutoResponders, getAntiSpams, getAntiViruses. Added the possibility to get the list of mail resources for domain aliases.
  • Updated Protx API to version 2.22


  • Fixed the issue with receiving duplicate emails to a mailbox when there also exist autoresponder and alias with the same name.
  • Fixed the issue when existing domain aliases didn't show when Web Service was disabled in domain settings
  • Fixed a vulnerability in the script for mailing list removal
  • Prevented editing contact and billing info for moderated accounts under plans where contact or billing info is disabled. That editing had affected admin's and reseller admin's contact and billing info.
  • Fixed incorrect navigation in multipage Choose Account reports in TT Administration system.
  • Corrected the format of calling the ps command in some H-Sphere scripts
  • Added check if the ComodoSSL resource is available in a plan
  • Fixed the issue with physical creation of a new AntiSpam resource in H-Sphere 2.4.3 RC 1
  • Fixed the issue when account's custom debits could not be deleted
  • Fixed the issue with duplicate payment request notifications sent from GestPay after an H-Sphere user has paid via GestPay
  • Fixed AMEX CC brand support in Protx merchant gateway implementation in H-Sphere
  • Added qmail restart after modifying the badmailfrom-unknown parameter
  • Fixed the issue with Custom Registrar notifications when users under resellers received the default notification despite its text had been edited by H-Sphere admin
  • Fixed the issue with double charge of an account if duration is set to 1 month in recurrent Monthly Based Debits
  • Fixed spelling of the maxrecipients qmail parameter
  • Fixed the problem with timeouts when adding new shared IPs to logical servers on systems with a large number of resellers
  • Prevented editing domains in the Other Signup Information section for moderated accounts under admin plans
  • Added the "discard mail" option for the postmaster mailbox
  • Fixed recurrent reseller bill entry message for quota related resources
  • Trouble tickets assigned to a queue are now answered from this queue's email address
  • Fixed the problem in external payment systems (PayPal, 2CheckOut, etc) with localized numbers that use the ',' separator

Windows Improvements

New Features and Updates


  • Included the fix related to disclosure of security related information in the log files (Security Update 1 for HS 2.4.3 RC 1)
  • Included the fix of XSS vulnerability in the E-Guest preinstalled guest book (Security Update 2 for HS 2.4.3 RC 1)
  • Fixed H-Sphere ISAPI modules bugs appeared in Windows2003 SP1 and related to application pool w3wp process, periodically showing error messages in the event log.

Release Notes History

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