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H-Sphere 2.4.3 RC 1 Release Notes

28 Apr 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Unix Improvements

New Features

  • Introduced hsphere-mail-service-3-2 with updated VPopMail 5.4.10, enhanced forwarding to non-SPF servers, and the MaxScore parameter to filter spam/infected messages to be automatically rejected at SMTP server level.
  • Added Quick Search for the Started Move Processes page in admin CP
  • Implemented dynamic generation of CLASSPATH that will include third-party jars, e.g., those coming with H-Sphere packages
  • Added PGHOST and PGPORT parameters from hsphere.properties to ~cpanel/.bash_profile to correctly connect to the H-Sphere system PostgreSQL database when it is located on a remote box or has a non-standard port.
  • Provided operating system check by the H-Sphere installation script
  • Added new methods to H-Sphere XML API to add/remove SPF, and to globally add/delete Antispam/Antivirus at the account and domain levels


  • Fixed the SuspendCron bug when Deletion Warnings returned incorrect date of account deletion
  • Fixed design issue with representation of inner headers by adding special class for inner header tables
  • Fixed the issue with activating AgentLog and ErrorLog resources for Unix plans
  • Fixed the issue with reseller account's CNAME record for mail domain pointing to different IP than the reseller service domain mail A record under Windows plans
  • Fixed multipage navigation issue in the Started Move Processes page when after manipulations with processes CP returned to the first page in the list
  • Added the missing Account Balance massmail notification
  • Query that removes Unixuser prices for end user and reseller accounts is included into the update script (Unixuser prices are disabled in plans since HS 2.4.2)
  • Prohibited creation of custom DNS server groups in H-Sphere
  • Fixed the issue with date format conversion on the content move page for CP servers under FreeBSD

Windows Improvements

New Features

  • Updated phpbb to 2.0.14


  • Fixed security hole in ACL permissions for IIS metabase

Release Notes History

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