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H-Sphere 2.4.3 Patch 4 Release Notes

30 Aug 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Unix Improvements

New Features

  • Updated Java 1.4.2 package with new certificate root keys.
  • Webshell 4.2.8 update.
  • H-Sphere mail update: hsphere-mail-service-3-9, hsphere-webmails-2-3, hsphere-imap-4.0.4-1
  • Aspell 0.60.3-1 update.
  • Added the 'mailobject' table to store full mail objects' (box, forward, alias, responder, mail list, antivirus, antispam) e-mail addresses.
  • Accelerated monthly resources accounting.
  • Improved usage of special characters in mailbox names.
  • Improved the uncompress utility: added the -p key into tar calls for saving permissions after uncompression and removed the -v key.


  • Fixed the problem with special symbols in unix user passwords.
  • Fixed creation of Windows domain aliases on IIS server when turning Web service off/on for windomains.
  • Fixed saving the qmail doublebounceto parameter.
  • Error message on retrieving mail (TT Client) contracted from hsphere.log to minimize the log, esp. on large H-Sphere clusters.
  • Fixed ftp virtual user permissions to exclude possibilities for non-granted vftp user to access the vftp directory.
  • Fixed displaying of the "Catch All" icon for all mail objects, not just for mailboxes.
  • Fixed skipping repost-config step in IP Migrator if lServerIds doens't contain any id.
  • Fixed enabling Shared SSL for third level domains under plans where the domain alias resource is disabled.
  • Fixed the problem with duplicate key that violates the unique constraint plan_resource_pkey when creating a plan if two different resources require another resource to be enabled.
  • Fixed the issue with charging reseller by Comodo when user has specified invalid credit card in Comodo SSL purchase request.
  • Added check for purchasing Comodo SSL certs: if no prices are set for this resource, no link to purchase Comodo SSL is displayed in user CP.
  • If transfer process id doesn't exist (e.g., for deleted transfer reports), H-Sphere now returns null value instead of throwing the exception and sending internal tickets.

Release Notes History

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