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H-Sphere 2.4.3 Patch 1 Release Notes

05 Jul 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Unix Improvements

New Features

  • Improved H-Sphere installer:
    • automatically detects operating system and checks which of the required packages have been already installed; provides resolving possible conflicts interactively while installing the packages;
    • automatically checks SELinux status and suggests to disable SELinux interactively;
    • fixed minor inconsistencies
  • Added new operating systems: FreeBSD 5.4, CentOS 4 and 4.1, White Box Enterprise Linux 4
  • Added support for Miva 5 (Miva Merchant 5 and Miva Empresa 5.02) into H-Sphere. Discontinued support for Miva Merchant 4.13 and earlier versions
  • Included SiteStudio 1.7 RC 1 update
  • hsphere-sudo-1.6.8p9-1 is included to H-Sphere installation
  • H-Sphere mail update:
    - hsphere-mail-service-3-6 introducing ClamAV 0.86.1 and SpamAssassin 3.0.4 with improvements in qmail parameteters, in collecting mail statisics and mail disk usage
    - hsphere-webmails-2-2 with Horde theme improvements
  • Optimized processing parameters of the script that sets antivirus preferences
  • Provided moderated accounts with ticket ids of respective internal tickets informing of the reason for moderation (signup failure)
  • The signupUser method of H-Sphere XML API's Admin Services now returns signupId of the account signed up by this method
  • phpMyAdmin updated to 2.6.3
  • phpBB updated to 2.0.16


  • Fixed an issue with installing SSL chain with Comodo SSL Certificate
  • Corrected the getPlanPeriodIds method of H-Sphere XML API
  • Corrected error output of IP Migrator
  • Fixed an issue with physical creation of Mail SRS. Now Mail SRS is being enabled with automatic initialization of the spfbehavior parameter in Qmail settings
  • Fixed an issue with NullPointerException when searching for trouble tickets in resellers
  • Rewritten SecurePay implementation - improved charge log, fixed the amount data returned by the auth and charge methods
  • Added server-side validation and corrected client-side validation of price fields in Comodo SSL manager to enable entering decimals
  • Corrected format of the 'amount' value for credit card charge - disabled using thousands' separator to avoid errors when amount exceeds 1000
  • Fixed incorrect writing of SPF records into DNS configs
  • Fixed Escallation Cron background job returning the exception "Progress counter was not initialized" into H-Sphere log
  • Fixed the issue with showing shared IP as dedicated in Plan Wizard for plans with only stopgap and third-level domains enabled
  • Fixed headers and colors on the View Traffic Details page for unixuser and winuser accounts
  • Fixed the issue with DB deadlock when getting/releasing multiple connections to the H-Sphere system database. Improved lock scheme to avoid deadlock while getting resources
  • Fixed disabling the Allocated Servers resource
  • Fixed setting default postmaster mailbox quota during vpopmail update to v.5.4.10
  • Fixed the exception appeared after deletion of content move prosess from the Content Move Processes report.
  • Added an H-Sphere template method for sorting lists by field names. This method is implemented for sorting unixuser domain list in alphabetical order.
  • Fixed an issue with terminating content move process when virtual FTP user is absent in user_id.passwd
  • Implemented sorting logical servers by their id in E.Manager/L.Servers
  • Fixed the issue with showing the spfbehavior qmail parameter value in Mail Settings after CP restart
  • Fixed the problem with removing objects from cache in the DSNRecreator tool
  • Fixed H-Sphere package uninstallation when the package is installed on an older H-Sphere version.
  • Prevented caching old data when changing contact info via SOAP (H-Sphere XML API)
  • Fixed the issue with changing Signup Guard settings before creating reseller admin account
  • Added security fix preventing access to detail information in Registar Log report for Reseller

Windows Improvements

New Features

  • Added support for Miva Merchant 5 into H-Sphere. Discontinued support for Miva Merchant 4.13 and earlier versions.


  • Fixed the issue with content move failure when ASP.NET trust level is set to "medium"

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