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H-Sphere 2.4.3 Beta 1 Release Notes

05 Apr 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

*nix Improvements:

- New platforms supported: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4, Trustix Secure Linux release 2.2;
- Next generation H-Sphere mail service package hsphere-mail-service-3-1, featuring SPF and SRS (configured in admin and user control panels), RulesDuJour, and some other updates, improvements and fixes;
- EasyAPP SDK for building H-Sphere packages that add PHP/MySQL third party applications into H-Sphere;
- the EasyApp Collection package that lets users install over 20 third party PHP/MySQL applications on their domains.
- Comodo SSL Manager - a tool that enables H-Sphere customers to purchase SSL certificates directly from user control panel in one step.
- Added the Split Users by Accounts option to move user accounts to another reseller without moving users entirely;
- Improved Package Installer with the package upgrade option;
- Improved Package Configurator:
   1) added the pre- and post-upgrade scripts functionality;
   2) added the post-upgrade and post-uninstallation SQL queries functionality;
   3) enhanced the package pre- and post-unistall scripts functionality;
- Updated phpMyAdmin to 2.6.2-rc1
- Fixed the issue with ignoring the minimum interval between credit card charge attempts when the maximum number of attempts is not set in Merchant Gateway Configuration;
- Fixed the issue when icons didn't show at the Quick Access page for users under MySQL plan
- Fixed the issue when icons and diagrams didn't show at the Quick Access page for users under Real Server plan
- Added online help for antivirus and antispam to the Plan Wizard template
- Improved the format of print preview pages in the Billing Statements menu in user CP:
   1) added country to the user address
   2) added validation for N/A or empty values of the State and Fax fields;
- Fixed the issue with DNS A records not being changed to new IPs in user's DNS options after the IP tag was changed by admin/reseller in a plan;
- Fixed the issue with account content move being hung due to the error in deleting virtual FTP accounts by the ftp-vhost-user-del script;
- Fixed the issue that new mailing list subscribers who had subscribed by e-mail appeared in the mailing list only with H-Sphere restart;
- Subdomain DNS records are now shown in user CP in domain DNS settings;
- Removed SMTP parameter in FrontPage settings in Web Options for nodomain in user CP;
- Fixed the issue that MX records for subdomains were created as domain MX records;
- Improved usability for creating new mailbox/mailing list/mail domain alias - now they are gathered into one group in Mail Settings in user CP;
- Improved the H-Sphere script getting mailbox quota to support new format of the vuserinfo command introduced in vpopmail 5.1.1 version;
- Implemented the Trouble Ticket Attachment Uploader form in a separate popup window;
- Fixed the issue when it was not possible to create CNAME DNS records under Mail Only plan;
- Improved YAFV server-side validator to smoothly process templates if HTML code is incorrect or a form contains duplicate variables, without a need to rewrite these templates;
- Fixed the problem with username and account id in custom (email) domain registration notifications; moved labels from these files to hsphere_lang.properties.

Winbox Improvements:

- Improved the updater to proceed with Winbox update when MSFTP key are missing in the metabase (if only ServU FTP is set, or MSFTP is not installed, as, for example, on MSSQL-only Winboxes);
- Fixed the issue when account content move could not continue if rsync broke with an error.

Release Notes History

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