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H-Sphere 2.4.3 Release Notes

02 Jun 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Unix Improvements

New Features and Updates

  • Added support for new platforms: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4, Trustix Secure Linux release 2.2;
  • Java 1.4.2 is included into H-Sphere installation for CP servers under FreeBSD 4.x.
    Implemented the javaupdate option in the H-Sphere update script to upgrade Java to 1.4.2 after the H-Sphere update.
  • Included SiteStudio 1.6 Patch 2
  • Included PostgreSQL 7.4.8 to H-Sphere installation
  • Updated phpBB to 2.0.15
  • Introduced the next generation of H-Sphere mail system, featuring:
    • SPF and SRS implementation in admin and user CP;
    • RulesDuJour: automatic update of SpamAssassin rulesets;
    • the MaxScore parameter to filter spam/infected messages to be automatically rejected at SMTP server level.
    The latest H-Sphere mail service package is hsphere-mail-service-3-5 that includes new SpamAssassin 3.0.3 and ClamAV 0.85.1 updates.
  • Introduced the next generation of H-Sphere Webmail hsphere-webmails-2-1 featuring new stable Horde 3.0.4 release with H-Sphere built-in theme and new SqWebMail 5.0.2
  • Updated IMAP to hsphere-imap-4.0.2-1 that includes courier-imap-4.0.2 and courier-authlib-0.55 updates
  • Implemented Comodo SSL Manager, a tool that enables H-Sphere customers to purchase SSL certificates directly from user control panel in one step.
  • Added EasyAPP SDK for building H-Sphere packages that add PHP/MySQL third party applications into H-Sphere;
  • Added support for the EasyApp Collection package that lets users install over 20 third party PHP/MySQL applications on their domains.
  • Updated IP migrator to version 0.3 with a series of improvements and fixes
  • Added the possibility to allocate physical servers dedicated to particular resellers
  • Added the Split Users by Accounts option to move user accounts to another reseller without moving users entirely;
  • Improved Package Installer with the package upgrade option;
  • Improved Package Configurator;
  • Implemented the Trouble Ticket Attachment Uploader form in a separate popup window;
  • Added the ability to delete all antispam and antivirus resources for accounts and maildomains
  • Improved mail service information for an account on the Account Info page to show new resources: Antispam, Antivirus, Mail Relay, and SPF
  • Improved usability for creating new mailbox/mailing list/mail domain alias. Now they are gathered into one group in Mail Settings in user CP;
  • Improved the H-Sphere script getting mailbox quota to support new format of the vuserinfo command introduced in vpopmail 5.1.1 version;
  • Added qmail restart after modifying the badmailfrom-unknown parameter
  • Added new H-Sphere XML API methods to get all domain's autoresponders, antispams, antiviruses, to add/remove SPF, and to globally add/delete Antispam/Antivirus at the account and domain levels
  • Added Quick Search for the Started Move Processes page in admin CP
  • Provided operating system check by the H-Sphere installation script
  • Improved the installation of the files included into H-Sphere packages (scripts, tarballs and RPMs) to remote physical boxes.
  • Implemented dynamic generation of CLASSPATH that will include third-party jars, e.g. those coming with H-Sphere packages
  • Added PGHOST and PGPORT parameters from hsphere.properties to ~cpanel/.bash_profile to correctly connect to the H-Sphere system PostgreSQL database when it is located on a remote box or has a non-standard port.
  • Improved YAFV server-side validator to smoothly process templates if HTML code is incorrect or a form contains duplicate variables, without a need to rewrite these templates
  • Improved the format of print preview pages in the Billing Statements menu in user CP


  • Fixed the issue with DNS A records not being changed to new IPs in user's DNS options after the IP tag was changed by admin/reseller in a plan
  • Fixed the issue with account content move being hung due to the error in deleting virtual FTP accounts by the ftp-vhost-user-del script
  • Fixed the issue that new mailing list subscribers who had subscribed by e-mail appeared in the mailing list only with H-Sphere restart
  • Moved subdomain DNS records in user CP to domain DNS settings
  • Removed SMTP parameter in FrontPage settings in Web Options for nodomain in user CP
  • Fixed the issue that MX records for subdomains were created as domain MX records
  • Fixed the issue when it was not possible to create CNAME DNS records under Mail Only plan
  • Fixed the issue with receiving duplicate emails to a mailbox when there also exist autoresponder and alias with the same name
  • Fixed the issue when existing domain aliases didn't show when Web Service was disabled in domain settings
  • Prevented editing contact and billing info for moderated accounts under plans where contact or billing info is disabled
  • Fixed incorrect navigation in multipage Choose Account reports in TT Administration system
  • Fixed the issue when account's custom debits could not be deleted
  • Fixed the issue with duplicate payment request notifications sent from GestPay after an H-Sphere user has paid via GestPay
  • Fixed AMEX CC brand support in Protx merchant gateway implementation in H-Sphere
  • Fixed the issue with Custom Registrar notifications when users under resellers received the default notification despite its text had been edited by H-Sphere admin
  • Fixed the issue with double charge of an account if duration is set to 1 month in recurrent Month Based Debits
  • Fixed the problem with timeouts when adding new shared IPs to logical servers on systems with a large number of resellers
  • Prevented editing domains in the Other Signup Information section for moderated accounts under admin plans
  • Fixed recurent reseller bill entry message for quota related resources
  • Fixed an issue with physical creation of the Antispam resource in user CP
  • Fixed the issue with activating AgentLog and ErrorLog resources for Unix plans
  • Fixed the issue with reseller account's CNAME record for mail domain pointing to different IP than the reseller service domain mail A record under Windows plans
  • Fixed multipage navigation issue in the Started Move Processes page when after manipulations with processes CP returned to the first page in the list
  • Query that removes Unixuser prices for end user and reseller accounts is included into the update script (Unixuser prices are disabled in plans since HS 2.4.2)
  • Prohibited creation of custom DNS server groups in H-Sphere
  • Fixed the issue with date format conversion on the content move page for CP servers under FreeBSD
  • Fixed the problem with viewing multi-page list of mailing list subscribers when switching between its pages if the list is sorted by one of its fields
  • Fixed the problem with processing responses from 2CheckOut upon payments performed via V2 protocol
  • Fixed the issue when InstantAlias wasn't reconfigured after IP was changed in domain settings
  • Fixed the problem with getting timestamp for the first transaction with a new credit card
  • Fixed validation for the old mailbox password field in EMail Utilities->Change your POP3 password on the service domain default index page
  • Eliminated the possibility to add another reseller account in reseller CP
  • Changed permissions to 600 for the server.crt.new and server.key.new files created when a user chooses temporary self-signed SSL certificates
  • Fixed the issue with changing IPs on NAT systems to correctly compare DNS A record IPs with the IPs in virtual host configuration as internal IPs
  • Fixed the issue with ignoring the minimum interval between credit card charge attempts with the max number of attempts not set in Merchant Gateway Configuration
  • Fixed the issue when icons and diagrams didn't show at the Quick Access page for users under Real Server plan and MySQL plans
  • Added the missing Account Balance massmail notification
  • Added the "discard mail" option for the postmaster mailbox
  • Fixed the amount format in Merchant Gateway implementation to forcefully include 2 decimal digits wherever required, for the sake of compatibility with some gateways (like Protx).

Windows Improvements

New Features and Updates

  • Updated phpBB 2.0.15
  • Improved the updater to proceed with Winbox update when MSFTP key are missing in the metabase (if only ServU FTP is set, or MSFTP is not installed, as, for example, on MSSQL-only Winboxes);


  • Fixed the issue with disclosure of security related information in the log files
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in the E-Guest preinstalled guest book
  • Fixed security hole in ACL permissions for IIS metabase
  • Fixed the issue when account content move could not continue if rsync broke with an error.
  • Fixed H-Sphere ISAPI modules bugs appeared in Windows2003 SP1 and related to application pool w3wp process, periodically showing error messages in the event log.

Release Notes History

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