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H-Sphere 2.4.2 RC 2 Release Notes

19 Jan 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Improvements and Bugfixes:

- Updated AWStats to 6.3
- Fixed problem with a reseller being able to read tickets of another reseller/admin using URL requests
- Added prepay invoice to the lists of user emails and mass emails
- Added call of the trim() method to get the config properties from packages to fix problem with whitespaces at the end of config values
- Added check if ColdFusion resource is available on enabling ColdFusion DSN Record
- Added restriction on ColdFusion DSN name (restricted space character)
- Added IPs with non-default Shared IP tag to Physical Servers List
- Fixed NPE in estimate
- Fixed problem with getting admin account in UsersInfoExtractor tool
- Fixed Real Server Windows and Unix plans
- Fixed calculation of refunds issued on update to 2.4 for prepaid monthly resources
- Modified Reseller signup to support affiliates
- Fixed period amount conversion
- Fixed bug with _ASSIGN_TT and reseller admin plan

Windows Bugfixes

- Updated AWStats to 6.3
- Fixed problem with using the name field from different threads that caused crashes
- Added a new locker object to prevent possible errors that appear when the GetName and SetName functions are executed
- Fixed computer name length

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