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H-Sphere 2.4.2 Patch 5 Release Notes

17 May 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Unix Improvements

New Features


  • Fixed the issue with receiving duplicate emails to a mailbox when there also exist autoresponder and alias with the same name.
  • Fixed the issue when existing domain aliases didn't show when Web Service was disabled in domain settings
  • Fixed a vulnerability in the script for mailing list removal
  • Prevented editing contact and billing info for moderated accounts under plans where contact or billing info is disabled. That editing had affected admin's and reseller admin's contact and billing info.
  • Fixed incorrect navigation in multipage Choose Account reports in TT Administration system.

Windows Improvements

New Features and Updates


  • Fixed the issue with disclosure of security related information in the log files (Security Update 1 for HS 2.4.2 Patch 4)
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in the E-Guest preinstalled guest book (Security Update 2 for HS 2.4.2 Patch 4)
  • Fixed H-Sphere ISAPI modules bugs appeared in Windows2003 SP1 and related to application pool w3wp process, periodically showing error messages in the event log.

Release Notes History

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