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H-Sphere 2.4.2 Patch 4 Release Notes

25 Apr 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Unix Improvements

New Features

  • New platforms supported: Trustix Secure Linux release 2.2 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4
  • Updated H-Sphere mail service to hsphere-mail2-all-17
  • Updated PHPBB to version 2.0.14
  • Updated phpMyAdmin to 2.6.2-rc1
  • Improved the mechanism of detecting whether a particular resource is available or enabled in a plan. In particular, it makes possible to use the !<resource_type> constructions to handle cases when resources are unavailable. Added master admin (M_ADMIN) and reseller admin (R_ADMIN) pseudo-resources to distinguish admin resources available only for master admin.


  • Added the missing outgoingip qmail parameter to the Qmail Configuration Parameters form in admin CP
  • Improved the H-Sphere script getting mailbox quota to support new format of the vuserinfo command introduced in vpopmail 5.1.1 version
  • Fixed the problem with adding shell access manager resource to an account when the sshmanager page is opened;
  • Fixed the problem with username and account id in custom (email) domain registration notifications; moved labels from these files to hsphere_lang.properties.
  • Improved design XML functionality to correctly merge custom and default common_images sections, and to avoid error messages when the preview_image tag missing in a custom icon_image_set section has been already defined in the respective section of the default config file.
  • Prevented possibility of getting the outdated disk usage info in the user's control panel.
  • Fixed the problem with viewing multi-page list of mailing list subscribers when switching between its pages if the list is sorted by one of its fields
  • Fixed the problem with processing responses from 2CheckOut upon payments performed via V2 protocol
  • Fixed a possible problem in the work of autoresponder and mailbox with the same name
  • Fixed the issue with compiling bundles on CP server under Java 1.3.1 (FreeBSD) during the update to 2.4.3 beta 1 and/or H-Sphere restarts. The problem was related to the LANG_LIST parameter in hsphere.properties where Java locale encoding identifiers for some languages did not comply with canonic encodings in Java 1.3.x
  • Removed SMTP parameter in FrontPage settings in Web Options for nodomain in user CP
  • Changed permissions to 600 for the server.crt.new and server.key.new files created when a user chooses temporary self-signed SSL certificates
  • Eliminated the possibility to add another reseller account in reseller CP
  • Fixed the problem with getting timestamp for the first transaction with a new credit card
  • Fixed the issue with sending internal ticket during osCommerce setup in user CP
  • Fixed updating field sizes for the bill_entry and billing_info tables during the system database update
  • Fixed saving symlinks in user home directory during content move
  • Fixed PhysicalCreator to avoid error messages when processing several logical servers based on the same physical server (DNS servers, in particular)
  • Fixed the issue with WorldPay transactions for amounts greater than 1000 (removed thousand separator in the amount value)
  • Fixed handling possible exceptions on Windows server side when setting new password on this box via CP
  • Fixed the issue with ignoring setup fees and refunds in Total in Order Confirmation invoices
  • Fixed the problem with incorrect tax calculation for custom debits in Billing Statement

Windows Improvements

New Features

  • Updated AWStats to version 6.4


  • Fixed the issue when account content move could not continue if rsync broke with an error
  • Fixed editing the FrontPage Extensions form fields (Sender E-Mail and Reply-To E-Mail) in settings for stopgap domains in user CP
  • Fixed Winbox installer failure when Windows Media Servers is not installed on Winbox
  • Fixed the issue with resuming Winbox account when, due to incorrect resume status, the Suspend cron tried to resume the account again and received the error from Winbox

Release Notes History

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