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H-Sphere 2.4.2 Patch 3 Release Notes

15 Mar 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Improvements and Bugfixes:

- Fixed refund bug that appeared during plan change if start billing date for an account had been moved back to the past
- Fixed incorrect multiplication of custom billing price to billing period multiplier that caused incorrect refund on changing plan
- Added FreeMarker Access Control List (FMACL) mechanism
- Removed redundant <font> tags in language bundles
- Fixed logging errors related to TT attachments
- Fixed a Jakarta Tomcat problem with killing Java processes during H-Sphere restart and hsphere-jakarta updated to v5.0.28-2
- Added 'Statements by profiles' icons in billing menu in user CP
- TRUSTIXEL2 is added to the list of supported OS's
- Fixed the problem with excessive refund when changing billing period from longer to shorter and back
- Removed the Domain Transfer e-mail notification from the list of massmail letters where it had been mistakenly added
- Fixed the problem with positioning the cursor on an HTML page into the first validated input field if the field is empty
- Fixed the issue on the New Mail Domain Alias page where the list of mail aliases created for a domain had mistakenly contained aliases of its subdomains
- Fixed the issue with Mail Overlimit cron missing mail quota for the domains whose vpopmail content is stored in nested subdirectories of the ~vpopmail/domains directory
- Fixed the situation when an inactive promo discount could still be allowed in a plan and available on user signup
- Fixed the problem with the Accounting cron that stopped processing subsequent accounts once it had found a user with unknown reseller id
- Updated hsphere-mail2--all-16 with ClamAV 0.83 included
- Updated phpBB to 2.0.13
- Updated Webshell to 4.2.7
- PostgreSQL 7.4.7 included into the installation
- MySQL 4.0.24 included into the installation

Winbox Improvements:

- Fixed the issue with stats.exe unable to initialize IIS metabase when corrupted domain records were found in the metabase
- Fixed the issue with starting H-Sphere service skipping subsequent metabase domain records when corrupted domain records were found in the metabase
- Updated phpBB to 2.0.13
- Updated Webshell to 4.2.7

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