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H-Sphere 2.4.2 Patch 1 Release Notes

23 Feb 2005


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Improvements and Bugfixes:

- Fixed the issue with changing Qmail list parameters on the Qmail settings page
- Moved white list for SpamAssasin to SMTP session level: white list is now stored in the filter file instead of the SpamAssassin database
- ClamAV updated to v0.82 (fixed security hole)
- Updated phpBB to version 2.0.12
- Added the ~vpopmail/etc/ca-mail.pem file for storing CA certs for untrusted Mail SSL certificates.
- Provided the check to prevent moving a reseller's service domain account to another reseller
- Added V2 System support to 2CheckOut
- Fixed problem with getting Wsdl for MailServices
- Fixed bug in the Accounting cron that didn't charge processed accounts before opening new billing period
- Added sending billing notification on failed CC or Check after the signup
- Improved work with noathost qmail server parameter to be set as options file
- Resolved problem with restoring uncompleted background jobs after CP restart
- Added check in Close/Open BillingPeriod to skip dummy resources like http, ftp, etc. in order to speed up the accounting cron
- Fixed issue in Moderation section when the 'Outside Country' tax was calculated even for moderated domestic accounts
- List of overlimit mailboxes was made transient to reduce the amount of stored memory in bg_job_data table
- Added translation of 'search billing' variables. Changed and added names of some admin.searchbill variables
- Fixed issue with monthly report including the first day of the following month
- Added possibility to change VPS host name in moderation section for an account signed up for VPS
- Fixed issue with address2 not appearing when changing billing info in user's CP
- Stopped changing vhost on the source server by the frontpage-install script during the content move
- Fixed issue when frontpage-install, apache-saveconf and apache-reconfig launched on source box
- Corrected handling exception in manual domain renewal estimation
- Fixed problems with finishing incomplete background jobs upon CP restart
- Used Type Description instead of Type ID resource in the message on disabled resource (disabled NNNN type)
- Disabled the 'without billing' mode for deletion of an account by a reseller to prevent the situation when the reseller is not refunded for the account wihout billing
- Replaced incorrect ftemplate variable with template
- Changed lang.servmon.os.release to servmon.os.release
- Fixed problem with generating tickets for Custom Registrars when the "Send notification to" field is empty
- Fixed the problem in rolling back transfer fee refund when domain transfer is canceled
- Updated Webshell to 4.2.6 to fix logging under subaccounts
- Updated Awstats to version 6.4 to fix security issue
- Fixed the problem in the servlet configuration update script with re-configuring server.xml when the Site Studio path and SS Demo path are identical
- Added additional check on the comment symbol in the spamassassin-set-prefs.pl script to prevent parsing commented parameters

Windows Improvements:

- Updated phpBB to version 2.0.12
- Fixed bug with buffer overflow in the htaccess ISAPI filter
- Fixed bug in htaccess filter with illegal characters in requested files' names leading to IIS crash

H-Sphere Installation Updated Packages:

- hsphere-mail2-all-15
- webshell4.2.6
- awstats-6.4

Release Notes History

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