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H-Sphere 2.4.2 Beta 2 Release Notes

06 Dec 2004


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This H-Sphere version is outdated and is not supported. Please refer to latest supported versions.

Improvements and Bugfixes:
- Autoresponder messages that use only ASCII charset no longer BASE64 encoded
- Added the Create resource confirmation form for mass creation of antispam/antivirus resources on the account/maildomain level
- Improved calculation of reseller recurrent fees for changeble resources (MySQL, PgSQL quotas etc)
- Fixed problem with uploading Knowledge Base: syntax mistake 'confg' fixed to 'config'
- Rearranged the "Settings" menu in the admin control panel
- Added possibility to open signup form in the same window, as an alternative to the pop-up window
- Added default variables for Custom e-mails
- Fixed bug with parked domain in the TrafficLoader
- Changed the WriteLog method: it used to generate null pointer exception if the "error" parameter was null
- Fixed problem with messages without attachments displaying incorrectly
- Fixed bug with ticket reply
- Fixed monthly service bill problem
- Resolved problem with changing the beginning of billing period after account has been resumed
- Improved script to configure SpamAssassin: sql commands were grouped to increase the script productivity
- Added additional check on new antispam/antivirus name to avoid creation of duplicate resources
- Fixed problem with signup when adding a VPS account to an existing one
- Added check on necessary encoding of the autoresponders' subject and message
- Fixed creation of .qmail-xxx file when creating 'postmaster' mailbox and other mailresources with the same name
- Added possibility to use custom templates when uploading pages
- Fixed H-Sphere installer to allow installing CP-only server
- Fixed bug with impossibility to create a new ticket for suspended accounts and accounts with negative balance
- Added subtitle to the invoice which appears when account is suspended
- Updated perl to 5.6.1 for "RedHat 7.2" and 5.8.5 for "FreeBSD 4.x"
- Fixed Mnogosearch search.pl script to work correctly with latest Perl versions. H-Sphere 2.4.2 Beta 2 fixes search.pl for all existing domains.
- Fixed SpamAssassin 3.01 configuration
- Restricted rules for adding IPs: it's now prohibited to end IPs with ".0"

Mail Improvements
- Added Mail-SpamAssassin-3.0.1
- Updated ClamAV to v.0.80
- Updated Courier-IMAP to 3.0.8
- Added customization for the bounce and doublebounce messages
- Added new qmail parameters section 'Bounce message customization' in the Mail Settings menu.

H-Sphere Installation Updated Packages:
- hsphere-mnogosearch-3.1.19-2
- postgresql-7.4.6-1.i386
- hsphere-ftp-1.2.10-1
- hsphere-mail2-all-10
- phpBB 2.0.11
- imap-3.0.8-2

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